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DRIVE 2019

Design Research & Innovation Festival

Thu 24 oct at Natlab | Strijp-S

Get to know the latest ins and outs during this years Design Research & Innovation Festival! How can design contribute to the main societal challenges?

How can creative professionals seduce people to eat more sustainably? How can health be taken into account when designing buildings? How does design facilitate the energy transition, and how can the creative industry help agents with their safety?
THEMES In 2019, DRIVE focuses on the role of the creative industry in the Mission-driven Innovation Policy and the societal challenges that are designated in them. - Agriculture, water and food; - Health and healthcare; - Energy and sustainability; - Security.
PROGRAMME From 10:00 until 16:00, presentations, workshops, demo's and discussions take place. Too much to explain on this page, and therefore we invite you to our website!


CLICKNL, Top Consortium of the top sector Creative Industry, wants to enhance the creative professional's knowledge base. In doing so, we strengthen the sector and the innovative capacity of the Netherlands.