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Next Space Rebels (preview)

in De Schoorsteen by STRP
This event is open for the public.

The project ‘Next Space Rebels, Reclaim the Orbit’, by media artist Floris Kaayk is obscured criticism to the dangers of further commercialising the internet. Next Space Rebels is an international community of engineers, software experts and hackers who fight for decentralisation of space travel and the indepence of the internet.

In the first stage of the project, Next Space Rebels will create the Rebel Network, a new, independent internet. This autonomous satellite network does not have any form of state censorship, tracking or any violation of privacy. As a pilot of open-source aerospace-programme Next Space Rebels, a Radome Groundstation will be placed at the Campina factory during Dutch Design Week 2018. It allows visitors within a +/- 80 m radius to connect to the Rebel Network. The first names of artists performing on STRP festival will be shared with the public exclusively via the Rebel Network.

Floris Kaayk

Floris Kaayk (Tiel, 1982) is a Dutch filmmaker, designer and digital story teller. Both of his projects The Modular Body and Human Birdwings gained world press attention.
With his new project Next Space Rebels he examines the independence of the internet and takes action to build a new one.

STRP was founded in 2006 and has grown to become one of Europe’s largest indoor festivals in the field of technology and art. STRP aims to establish an open, continuous and critical dialogue between humans, technology, society and future. STRP initiates, produces and presents innovative art and visions whereby creative technology plays a significant role, for an international and curious audience.


Critical Optimism and Positive Futurism ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’, is the (working) title of our programme for the coming years. The programme is a critical optimistic exploration into positive futurism and the role that artists and technology can play in this.

Imagining the future is one of the most difficult things there is. What we (think we) know is the past, and we often look to the future with the same perspective. In confusing times, we like to flee into the illusion of an era in which the world seemed clearer, safer and friendlier. Conservatism seems to be the answer to questions that are too big and changes that are taking place too fast. Whoever dares to dream of a better world for everyone is quickly seen as a naive idealist. Fear of the future is understandable, but it narrows our minds and impedes our ability to explore new ways, strategies and models.

STRP is a guide into exploring the ways of being critically optimistic and looking to the future more openly and positively. We want to inspire people through presentations of current art, whereby technology plays an important role in the development and presentation processes. We also want to inform the public through tours during the conference and through the realisation of an extensive educational programme. We want to activate and stimulate people to make their own contribution to a more positive future. We stimulate the creation of new work through commissioning artists and other makers.

STRP Festival is a 10-day event with an extensive expo, a conference, a music and performance programme and an educational programme. STRP Pop Ups are projects realised by STRP during and with Eindhoven festivals.

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