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de eerste circulaire Fryske trui en vest

Circulaire Fryske trui

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By It Erfskip and Loop.a life

It Erfskip is a Social Design Lab where products are made as much as possible from Frisian raw materials in co-creation. We connect talents, makers, designers and artists with residents of Fryslân to share experiences together and make stories tangible in the form of unique products. Our sources of inspiration are; memories of Fryslân, Frisian crafts and the characteristic landscape. During designsessions, crafts are rediscovered and innovation is stimulated. Our Ambition The foundation originated from an idea to develop souvenirs for Leeuwarden-Fryslân Cultural Capital 2018, but we have so many seeds planted, that now we have the ambition to be the sustainable and social design label of Fryslân. The products are sold as a souvenir or gift for sale at multiple points of sale. Our Core Values Social & Local Crafts & Innovation Unique & Circular Through these core values ​​we connect the society with the Frisian heritage and with our products contribute to the Legacy of Leeuwarden-Fryslân Cultural Capital 2018.

A circular Frisian sweater and vestThe Fryske sweater and vest must become the figurehead of circularity, social cohesion and a timeless design.

This Frisian sweater is made from old not wearable woolen sweaters and local flax that reflects Frisian culture and tradition.

Wool deserves eternal life and we want to reuse as often as possible. And by enhancing flax production in Fryslân, we want to stimulate biodiversity through the demand for flax.

The wool that is used comes from residual flows of unused reused clothing and from old wool sweaters that are unused in the closet of the residents of Fryslan. Clothing waste including wool is collected and sorted by Omrin and the Salvation Army in Friesland. Loop.a Life turns these old sweaters into new fibers and yarns and sweaters. Through sorting by colour the new yarn does not have to be redyed, so that there is no water or chemicals required in the production process.

It Erfskip takes care of the local production of flax and in collaboration with the flax museum

in Ee and various volunteers, to process the flax into linen.

For the design of the pattern we asked the Frisian designer Berber Soepboer to think along. She has inspired us with lines from the Frisian costume. This together with the shape of the sheafs of flax in the landscape are the basis of the recognizable pattern of the Fryske sweater.

With the development of the sweater we make visible the possibilities of the circular economy. We show De Frisian consumers the value of their own textile waste and the use of local sustainable raw materials. We also stimulate the local manufacturing industry in the field of circular textiles and revitalize local flax production.

loop.a life

Loop.a life is a leader in the circular textile industry.
We want to put more beautiful, sustainable products on the market, revitalize valuable material, reduce garbage waste and inspire and unburden as many brands and consumers as possible. With passion for our product, the process and love for the planet, we want to make the world a bit nicer and healthier. We do this with our new standard - Truly circular. With this we want to set a good example and the local manufacturing industry o.g. to stimulate circular textiles. Also read our sustainability policy.

We have 4 sustainable ambitions:
# 1 Circular leader with new standard: Truly circular
With our Truly circular approach we want to set the new standard in the textile industry, that is our first and most important ambition. Why? Because there is too much talk, too little is done and there is still too little good done and therefore there is not enough impact. Truly circular means for us: local and sustainable raw materials, use more post consumer material from the local textile waste mountain, really sustainable recycling without chemicals and water, Dutch Design & Slow Fashion, stimulate design & produce for recycling, and stimulate zero waste.

# 2 Encourage consumers to buy more sustainable clothing and textiles
We actively encourage the movement towards a sustainable and circular textile industry by involving consumers in our process, offering them the opportunity to hand in their garbage and by offering them a collection of beautiful and sustainable clothing and textile products. Throughout the year, we organize local sorting activities, workshops and fund raising campaigns and we continually conduct research into how we can develop beautiful, new circular products.

# 3 Facilitate fashion & textile companies in their circular transition
We support and unburden other fashion & interior companies to become circular by making new products from their own textile waste - in combination with the local waste mountain - for their collection under their name. We also assist them in making choices of materials, design for recycling and production. In addition, we facilitate the intake of their products for recycling.

# 4 Promoting local employment and creating a local production loop
It is our ambition to rebuild the Dutch textile industry by producing closed partnerships with partners closer to home (Europe and preferably the Netherlands) in order to actively stimulate the local economy. This allows us to use local raw materials, create jobs, stimulate the local manufacturing industry and increase knowledge development & innovation in the field of circular textiles. We want to increase the reputation of Dutch Design internationally as a unique Truly circular design of high quality.

It Erfskip

Mijn achtergrond is kunst en techniek. Ik hou van het snijvlak waar kunst en technologie elkaar ontmoet, leren van ambachtelijke innovaties van vroeger waarbij geen sprake was van afval en dat verbinden met technologie dat nu beschikbaar is.