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Seb: Your Smart Energy Butler

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By Z Zhang, Y Zhao, C Guo, S Gu

We are experience design master students from TU Delft who are passionate about imagining and making possibilities for the future.

Have you ever think of your daily life in a smart energy future? How would the scenarios look like and how will you behave in such situations?

Here we introduce Seb. It is a future energy management solution that can help you monitor daily solar production, control the use of home appliances, and conduct energy transactions with the central grid under the circumstance of broadly using smart appliances and high energy consumption pressure.

At the exhibition, you will be brought into the future smart energy scenarios, and interact with your home through the Seb prototype. Your feedback will be precious to us!

Come and bring your intelligence to a promising smart energy era!

Ziyi Zhang

Ziyi is a year 2 student now pursuing the major of Design for Interaction in the TU Delft. She is keen to design for thoughtful user experiences across platforms. She longs for adding values to different products /systems with her design communication skills.

Yihan Zhao

Yihan is a research-based UX designer who crafts on details and envisions in mind. She is currently in pursuit of her master degree at TU Delft. Her work focuses on empowering a smarter future for families, industries, and the society.

Cheng Guo

Cheng Guo is a UX Designer, who used to work in different design studios in China and Japan. He is currently majoring in the master program Design for Interactions at TU Delft.

His works focus on applying IoT technology to create meaningful interactions and establish connections between human and emerging technologies.

Shengfeng Gu

Shengfeng Gu is a designer and researcher based in The Hague, pursuing a master’s degree in Design for Interaction at TU Delft.

He shows a diverse interest in many subdivisions in design especially in human-centric research and integrating AI into design practice.