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All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By Burg Giebichenstein University Halle

The Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle offers a wide range of artistic and theoretical courses with over 20 different degree courses in art and design. Founded in 1915, the university now prides itself on over one thousand art and design students from all over the world who are trained in fundamental skills and critical thinking. The advanced laboratories and workshops enable our students to make almost anything as they are encouraged to create their own individual paths. Cooperation with research institutions and companies supports the development of practical career skills alongside visionary thinking and design.

This year’s exhibition is all about demonstrating the diversity and bandwidth of our university.

Young graduates and students have been dedicating their time to rethinking manufacturing processes such as extruding, knitting and 3D printing, resulting in highly tangible (ultramaterial) products. Meanwhile, immaterial ideas and beliefs have been translated into thought-provoking installations to reflect and discuss societal issues.

By bringing together the upper and lower extremities of materiality, we capture the creative spectrum of what is happening in the hands and minds of our dedicated students.

The products and projects on display have been developed within the departments of Industrial Design, Conceptual Fashion Design, Textile Design and Interior Architecture, and including skilled artworks from the Ceramics and Jewellery classes. Every year, the Burg Roadshow curates and presents selected art and design works by our graduates and students at our favourite design weeks in Europe.

150 Wooden Shoes

by Max Stalter
(Industrial Design)

It's All About Socks

by Julia Kleeblatt
(Conceptual Fashion Design)

In The Spot On The Wall

by Carolin Volz
(Art / Jewellery)


by Jonas Duteloff
(Industrial Design)

Blind Faith

by Mathis Hosemann
(Industrial Design)

This Is Not A Vase

by Robert Hahn
(Art / Ceramics)


by Christian Andrés Parra Sánchez
(Industrial Design)


by Lil Petersen
(Textile Design)


by Jantje Almstedt
(Art / Ceramics)

Rotor 3D

by Jakob Müller and Tobias Rell
(Industrial Design)

Note: Light Installation at Area 51 (Map No. A6)