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28 grams of happiness - sensorial food experience

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By The Eatelier

The Eatelier is a food design studio, which is founded by Katinka Versendaal. The studio focuses on translating scientific research, cultural tendencies and artistic developments into the world of food. We organize food experiences and run projects with the food industry and goverment, always working towards a healthier and sustainable future.

The Eatelier collaborates with creative chef PIPPENS who recently opened his restaurant The Table on Strijp-S in Eindhoven. Together they join forces to create unique, experimental and delicious food experiences.

28 grams of happiness - food design experience


a food design experience by THE EATELIER & PIPPENS

an exhibition curated by JUSTINE KONTOU



After the huge success of last year’s design dinners, What will we eat in 2050?, food design studio THE EATELIER and chef PIPPENS are teaming up once again this year during Dutch Design Week. This time, they are experimenting with happiness, and how to cultivate it through food.

We get into questions like;Why do we like certain foods? Will healthy food make us feel happier? If so, how can we make healthy foods taste better? If depression and anxiety can be a result of an unhealthy intestinal flora, how can we improve that? And why is chocolate so tasty? Does it really make us happier? Can we define the taste of happiness by optimizing the flavor and the sensorial experience? Could we regard food as a drug, if we look at the impact it has on our brain? The big question: why does food make us so happy? What does it do to our brain? Can we anticipate the effects? Could we get happier and smarter by choosing the right things to eat?

By translating scientific research into the world of food, food design studio THE EATELIER & creative chef PIPPENS will answer these questions by creating an eye opening, educational, exciting, and sensorial lunch & dinner experience.


weekday lunches: 8 - 10 course, 12.00 till 14.00 served daily, entrance with tickets only

weekend lunches: 10 – 12 course, 12.00 till 14.30 served daily, entrance with tickets only

all dinners - 16 course, 18.30 till 21.30 served daily, entrance with tickets only


Surrounding the food experience is the exhibition28 grams of happiness, curated by JUSTINE KONTOU.This joyful, sensorial exhibition, experimentswith colours, shapes and materials to create an environment that also brings people in a positive state of mind. It will present how art and design can provoke a sense of wonder, luck, content and/or gratefulness.Bringing the total experience to a complete journey through the pursuit of happiness.

From a holistic approach, Justine creates healthy interior concepts and spatial experiences to improve the well-being of people. By creating a natural environment with art and mindful design, senses are stimulated to bring people in their natural strength: a state in which the body functions in perfect harmony both physically and mentally.



Daalakkersweg 12

5641 JA Eindhoven