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Horse Fur Project

All week in Design Perron by Studio Trippin
This event is open for the public.

TheHorse Fur Projectby the Icelandic design team Studio Trippin explores the possibilities of Icelandic horsehides through design.

The Icelandic horse is small built buta tough breed who growsa heavier furatwinter time. In Iceland, horses are not factory farmed and are mainly kept as pets and aretherefore well cared for in their lifetime.

Although horsehides are suitable for both leather and fur production they are rarely utilized or tanned in Iceland but mostly considered a by-product.

Instead of disposing of horsehides Studio Trippin has been developing methods of using this fantastic, versatile material that makes for a good alternative fur in their design.

TheHorsehide Projectwas nominated for the Icelandic Presidential Innovation Award 2018.

Valdís Steinarsdóttir

Product Designer

Kristín Karlsdóttir

Fashion Designer

Emma Theodórsdóttir

Graphic Designer

Studio Trippin

Studio Trippin is a design team that focuses on material experiments.

Our approach to the design process and to the final result is very open; we have different backgrounds as designers and different means of designing. As well as approaching matters from a product design and a fashion design standpoint we take a strong interest in performance design and usually design around a message, scenario or a character rather than a definitive end product. The end result could be a product, an item of clothing, both or neither, but it will be a part of the universe of Studio Trippin.

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