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Mind the Step

All week in Klokgebouw | Hall 2 by Universities of Technology Eindhoven, Delft & Twente
A different price applies for this event (This event is only accessible with a DDW ticket.).

Mind the Step is an exhibition where you will find technology based design as result of scientific research. The designs come from three Dutch Universities of Technology: TU Delft, TU/e, and Twente University, who join forces in this unique collaboration. Pay a visit to Mind the Step when you would like to have a glance of the intriguing future, in which technology is more able to help us, stimulate and challenge us. See how a special coat enables you to survive in harsh circumstances outside and how game playing between seeing and blind people can be made more attractive for both. Experience more safety in a autonomous car, observe how mussels can be the resin for a beautiful design lamp. Discover how audio at home becomes more intuitive or more interactive and how temporary villages can be realized by making use of the nature present locally and how we can print complete neighborhoods with a concrete printer. You’ll find over fifty intriguing designs, often with the designer close by. Explore tomorrow’s world and visit Mind the Step.

​If you are looking for the way technology is embedded in our society now and in the future Mind the Step is the place to be. Each year more than 70.000 people visit the exhibition, among them Queen Maxima and other members of the Royal Family, various ministers, politicians, mayors, aldermen, captains of industry and many others interested visitors. Many are amazed, thrilled and sometimes puzzled by what design and technology can produce if they work together synergistically.  Mind the Step is not just an exhibition, it is a platform for an ongoing exploration and debate about how technology can contribute to a better society through design. For more information about the projects check out the website below.

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