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Selection criteria

Submissions will be evaluated by the DDW selection committee under the supervision of programme managers Katja Lucas and Lotte Douwes. The DDW ambassadors fulfil an advisory role. Within one week, you will receive a response on your application. Please note: for the Klokgebouw, Veem, Ketelhuisplein and other guest locations that are offered, other DDW criteria apply.
Selection criteria

With their ability to create and solve problems, designers have a positive impact on the complex challenges of tomorrow. Based on this conviction and the following criteria, the selection committee examines all the submissions:

  • The submission is design related.
  • The submission is topical/recent (thought of, created or made in the period 2017-2018) and has not been seen before at DDW.
  • The submission is innovative and/or contributes to existing ideas.
  • The submission is well-considered and thought out and ready for presentation.
  • The submission is original, distinctive or experimental in both idea and execution.

The selection committee encourages submissions that originate from a cooperation between designers, commerce, experts, industry and /or knowledge institutes.