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To register for DDW 2018, first we would like to ask you to become a member of our Dutch Design Foundation Community, with a one-off registration. We are honoured that so many design (related) professionals like you are joining our network. As a member of the DDF community, you will be able to participate in lots of cool projects like Dutch Design Week and the What if Lab. Registration in the community is free.

This first step is easy. Just enter your basic information and click send. We hope you understand that we are obliged to officially approve your registration. We will do our best to do this inside 3 weekdays. Later on, at the next stage, we will ask you to complete your profile with more about your background and personal likes. At DDF we will take the greatest of care with your personal details, following the GDPR guidelines.

On behalf of all of us at DDF, welcome to the community!

Martijn Paulen
Dutch Design Foundation

Please leave us your url here so that we can see what kind of top design professional you are. It can be a website or a LinkedIn, Facebook or Behance profile. Just choose what is best for you.

The registrant hereby declares to have read this permission and agreement statement, has taken note of the contents and gives express permission for the processing by DDF of the (personal) details provided by the registrant, and other matters as described in articles 1up to and including 13 of the statement.