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How can we keep the Netherlands accessible for everybody? It's not possible for us at NS to answer such a complex question by ourselves, which is why we are working closely with all sorts of parties such universities, leading architects, designers and passengers. NS has also been a partner for years of Dutch Design Foundation, the organiser of Dutch Design Week, with whom it runs What If Lab Challenges for designers. For the last two years we have been giving designers the task of improving the time passengers spend on the train. This is being expanded in 2018 to cover the entire journey from door to door. How can we make Tomorrow's Trains worth more to you?
From idea to reality

Dutch Design Foundation and NS organised Design Challenges in 2016 and 2017 to make journey time more valuable. How can we make your train journey more pleasant or simply more useful? The concepts we have developed with designers have been tested by passengers and given a positive rating. NS, together with the designers, has therefore developed these ideas further and has realised them. Are you curious about the results? Then experience them in the trains to Dutch Design Week.

Tomorrow's Trains

The theme of the What If Lab Challenge 2018 is Tomorrow's Trains. Here we are looking at the entire journey from door to door, with special emphasis on stations. We have selected three ideas, and the concepts from two designers are being presented during Dutch Design Week. You can experience and test these winning ideas at Eindhoven station. Will they really make the time you spend on the station more enjoyable? Please let us know, and if the replies are predominantly positive we will of course continue developing the concepts.

Edwin Schenk (DDW) & Tjalling Smit (NS)
Afdeling Beeld
A vision of a train interior

NS bundles its forces with other parties all year round to improve and revamp journeys themselves and the time spent on stations. To achieve this we have been working this year with leading companies in the Netherlands on a new vision of a train interior. The challenge was to create more room in the train as well as to improve perception of the journey. You can experience the results of this collaboration in several ways during Dutch Design Week. In the Virtual Reality Experience you can take a look at the new interior, and in the NS What If Lab Live the designers give a virtual guided tour with an explanation of how the interior came about.

Innovation is something you do together

NS and its partners and designers are showing many new ideas. We would love to discuss these with you, because passengers' opinions are very important to us. After all, Tomorrow's Trains will be created by all of us together. At DDW there are several ways of making your voice heard and of giving us feedback – which will be incorporated in Tomorrow's Trains!