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Aquaserge + Condor Gruppe + more

Tue 23 Oct in -

Get ready to hang your freak flag high with this musical experiment from France. Aquaserge consists of seven musicians that have previously played for the likes of Tame Impala and Stereolab. They mix old French cinema music with jazz, psych rock and a few other secret ingredients that will get your body moving in a very interesting way.

Condor Gruppe

An exotica fueled cinematic sound experience. Condor Gruppe must envision an old classic country Western when they play, because the Ennio Morricone vibes are undeniable. Are you feeling lucky punk?

Photo by Olivier Donnet
Ajabu & Ramses3000

These two artists will each play a solo set. After that they will collide in a unique collaboration that celebrates world music. Ajabu is a DJ focused on finding the good in leftfield, world grooves, disco, funk, brasil, afro and things with percussion. While Ramses3000, part of the Cairo Liberation Front, has more Egyptian Electro tendencies. Their sets will have you spinning ‘round the world quicker than you can say “Yallah, yallah”.

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