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DDW Music Special: Khruangbin (sold out)

Mon 22 Oct in -
This is a DDW Music Special. Therefore, this concert is not part of the DDW Festival wristband. You do not need a wristband to enter the concert. You just need to buy a separate concert ticket via www.effenaar.nl

This psychedelic trio comes all the way from Austin, Texas, but their influences are from the opposite side of the planet: Thailand. The dreamy Thai funk sound echoes through space and time. We dare you to close your eyes. Your mind will not know where or when you are!

Laura Misch

To set the mood for this amazing evening we bring you Laura Misch from London. She is a young, jazz influenced saxophonist/producer/singer-songwriter that oozes so much talent and soul. Laura makes her peers that restrict themselves to a singular musical task look lazy, by making it look easy.

You need to buy a separate concert ticket for this DDW Music event.