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Winterdagen + Somersault

Fri 26 Oct in -
A unique opportunity to experience a live classical concert right in the middle of Piet Hein Eek’s world famous workshop. Or should we say factory. For a moment, the loud machines shall be replaced by classical instruments and you can enjoy artists hand picked by one of Eindhoven’s most famous designers.

A three piece neo-classical music project made out of pianist Mink Steekelenburg, Martijn Eikenhout on guitar and Jaap Rovers on violin. These three guys will take you on a journey through expressive and minimal music that produces soft melancholic sounds.

Photo by Mark Bolk

Composer Pim ten Have has used his love for strings to create this post-classical project he calls Somersault. His experience as a producer has given him the ability to create the ambience of an entire orchestra all on his own.

You need a DDW Festival ticket to visit this show