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LYZZA + DRKNGHTS Collective + more

Thu 25 Oct in -

This young Brazilian-born DJ-producer-vocalist is taking Amsterdam’s experimental club scene faster than a wildfire. Her heavy club beats will liberate your body from all imaginable constrictions. So be warned for this evening’s headliner.

DRKNGHTS Collective

You either already know them or you’re going to get to know them real soon: the girls from DRKNGHTS Collective. Kristieyana, Bubbles and Phoenix have been playing their hiphop and beat trade mostly in Amsterdam. And now it is time the rest of the world gets a taste of the


This duo from Glasgow, Scotland definitely don’t sound like bands that were previously spawned in the Highlands. Turn up the thermostat and get ready for some caribbean vibes. They share a love for the analog Tascam tape recorder and Ru Paul. Their elektronic dub pop has been compared to the likes of ESG and Lizzy Mercier.

Daan Diks

Designer by day, DJ by night. Daan will give us the necessary warming up, because we don't want to over twerk our back now, do we?


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