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Black Acid + Ocho & Ibs + Rey Tranquilo + more

Mon 22 Oct in -
Come to Eindhoven’s most exciting spots to find out why hip hop connaisseurs see so much potential in Holland’s underground scene. De Stroom have organised this special night, so come and find out why they are known for throwing the dopest parties in town.
Black Acid

This trippy hip hop collective from Amsterdam have quite the original sound. “A sound you won’t hear anywhere else”, according to the men themselves. The Four MC’s are creative all-rounders so not a single sense will remain untouched after this show.

Ocho & Ibs

This hip hop duo from Amsterdam will get you going whether you’re ready or not. Their EP F. de Koning (f*ck the king) came out in 2017 and since then they have been provoking and ripping up the Dutch underground scene like no other.

Rey Tranquilo

A Dutch hip-hop star on the rise. He is barely 18 and already will manage to blow you away with his energetic, raw and sometimes aggressive style. Even if you don’t understand his Dutch rhymes, you will be able to feed and bounce off his energy.

You need a DDW Festival ticket to visit this show