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Pieter de Graaf + Lisa Morgenstern

Wed 24 Oct in -
A unique opportunity to experience a live classical concert right in the middle of Piet Hein Eek’s world famous workshop. Or should we say factory. For a moment, the loud machines shall be replaced by classical instruments and you can enjoy artists hand picked by one of Eindhoven’s most famous designers.
Pieter de Graaf

A pianist with a sole purpose: he wants to move you. His work is to be bathed in and enjoyed, not studied or dissected. Surrender yourself to the music and sink into its warm embrace.

Lisa Morgenstern

When she is not mastering the keys of the piano, Lisa Morgenstern can also be found singing in Berlin’s leading Bulgarian Women’s Choir. As the daughter of two orchestral musicians, she was  brought up with music and displayed a natural affinity towards the piano. Her dark and atmospheric reputation can be seen in her intensely emotional performance style

You need a DDW Festival ticket to visit this show