BENZ at KAZERNE – fine dining (Nordic touch)

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NEW: fine dining in Kazerne. Intimate, exclusive and sophisticated. Led by 24 year old talent-chef Rasmus Olander, our culinary ‘rockers’ take you on a light, yet earthy and distinctive, yet delicate gastronomic journey.

Fermented asparagus with a foam of old cheese, morilles filled with lamb farce and a jus of wild garlic or nettle soup with coriander seeds, poached egg yolk and buckwheat; the menu has an unmistakable Nordic touch. However, Rasmus cooks with ingredients from Central Europe: from the British islands to North-West Germany, North-France and the Benelux, where he prioritizes biodynamic products from the region. A good example is Hönö, a flatbread after his grandmother’s recipe, made with organic flour from Oisterwijk. Delicious with freshly made butter. 
Lavish in a world of wine, dine and design.

 P.s, Kazerne is a vibrant come-and-go of designers and design-lovers alike. Hop by for a drink and discover the meaning of design for the world of tomorrow in this 2.500 m2 large Home of Design. Oh, and visit our expo CIRCULAR>MATERIALISTS.;).


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