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Calypso: for a nice meal, a good specialty beer or glass of wine, music in the background, a good chat at the bar or a game of with your friends. During DDW we host several playful parties, check us on Facebook. sa 19-10 13 - 02h su 20-10 13 - 23h mo 21-10 16 - 00h tu 22-10 16 - 00h we 23-10 16 - 00h th 24-10 16 - 00h fr 25-10 16 - 02h sa 26-10 13 - 02h su 27-10 13 - 23h

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If not now, then when?

Calypso shall embrace this year's Dutch Design Week theme as an opportunity to show how we can make the world a better, more sustainable place through good food and a cozy atmosphere.
That's why we have scheduled events, dinners and parties throughout the whole week. Here is an overview, and in addition to this we will host several parties and DJ's! Check our Facebook page for more info, or simply drop by!

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Open Expo, 18 - October 27
Shared dinner, Sat. October 19
Game afternoon, Sun. October 20
Iranian shared dinner, Sun. October 20
Shared dinner, Mon. October 21
Shared dinner, Mon. October 22
Balinese shared dinner, Wed. October 23
Surinam shared dinner, Thu. October 24
Botanic Bites aanschuifdiner, Fri. October 25
Shared dinner, Sat. October 26
Game afternoon, Sun. October 27
Budget Zero-Waste shared dinner, Sun. October 27