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DDW Music Festival: Wooze + Wasuremono + DJ

Tue 22 Oct in Café Altstadt

You need a DDW Music Festival ticket to visit this show: effenaar.nl/ddwmusicfestival

During Dutch Design Week (DDW), the Effenaar is organizing surprising shows and cool parties in cool places in the city; From hip hop to indie to rootsy and of course also party. With your DDW Music Festival band you can choose your favorite parties, concerts and locations throughout the week during DDW.

This half British, half Korean duo makes the ideal soundtrack for a long night out in Seoul, where
eventually boundaries fade and there are unexpected twists and turns. Superfunky and ditto sexy
stuff this is Wooze. And is that Josh Homme playing the guitar in the background?
Sounds like: The Beatles, Scissor Sisters, Madonna


Genre: indiepop

Beware of possible addiction! Or as someone said on YouTube: “5 minutes ago I didn't know this
band existed. Now they're one of my favorites.” With their mix of dream pop, indie pop and kraut
rock they’ve got a recipe that always works. Write this crazy gang’s name down. They’re more than
okay! Much much more.