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DDW Music Festival: Just Mustard + Gnoomes + Blackwax

Tue 22 Oct in Stroomhuis

You need a DDW Music Festival ticket to visit this show: effenaar.nl/ddwmusicfestival

During Dutch Design Week (DDW), the Effenaar is organizing surprising shows and cool parties in cool places in the city; From hip hop to indie to rootsy and of course also party. With your DDW Music Festival band you can choose your favorite parties, concerts and locations throughout the week during DDW.
Just Mustard

Genre: shoegaze

The best shoegaze from Ireland comes from this group of five, they stuff all the beauty of Valentine, Slowdive and Ride in their pockets and then sprinkle it all over their fans in a beautiful way. So it will also be all over you after seeing their show tonight.
Sounds like: Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine


Genre: psych
After Ngan! and Tschak! These Russians came with their third album Mu! this year, and proved once again to be one of the most interesting outsiders of the psych scene. With their fuzzy synths, motoric beats and scratchy glass guitars, they make their own musical language. Gnoomes goes really hard live. Time to trip. 

Sounds like: Ulrika Spacek, Death and Vanilla



A prime example of two dudes born in the wrong age. From an early age, they've been plundering their parents' record crates.These guys from Eindhoven are spinning the numbers that make your Aunt Suzie climb down the rain pipe at 1 AM.