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About DDW

In October of each year, Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place in Eindhoven. The biggest design event in Northern Europe presents work and ideas of more than 2600 designers to more than 335,000 visitors from home and abroad. In more than hundred locations across the city, DDW organises and facilitates exhibitions, lectures, prize ceremonies, networking events, debates and festivities.

DDW is different from other design events, because it concentrates on the designs of the future. Although during the event every imaginable discipline and aspect of design is on offer, the emphasis is on experiment, innovation and cross-overs. Exceptional attention each year goes to work and development of young talent.


DDW all began back in 1998. In that year the Vormgeversoverleg (a designers collaborative) organised the first Day of Design. Objective: introducing entrepreneurs to designers. The event, which took place annually in Eindhoven, attracted more interest each year and grew exponentially. The Day of Design became the Week of Design in 2002 and ultimately in 2005 it was renamed Dutch Design Week (DDW).

Mission and Vision

DDW is optimistic and believes in the problem-solving capabilities of designers. They have demonstrated that they dispose of the inventiveness and flexibility of mind that can lead to innovations that our rapidly changing world so craves. 

Our ambition has three pillars:

1. Offering a platform to designers, irrespective of origin or nationality, with a Dutch design* attitude: our organisation reinforces Dutch design through offering a leading international stage.

2. Offering designers opportunities: helping them move forward through introducing media, commerce and other sectors to designers and their work - in the form of publicity, network expansion and assignments.

3. Talent development: our future-oriented vision is not limited to tomorrow. Which is why one of our organisation’s spearheads is the stimulation and support of the new generation.

* Dutch design. DDW does not just see Dutch design as a label for a certain group of designers or design aesthetic, but as a permanent reflection of a culture and attitude that is characteristic of the Netherlands and of Dutch people. We identify with a solution-oriented approach, functionality, humanism, free thinkers, brutality, humour, ability to put things into perspective, single-mindedness, not hindered by thinking in terms of hierarchical barriers, the unconventional. But also the readiness for taking stakeholders seriously and involving them in the solution, in the creative process. Dutch design is an attitude and does not by definition refer to a nationality.


Since 2009 DDW has appointed two parties from the design field to champion Dutch design in general and the week in particular. They fulfil a representative task and utilize their network to create links and provide fledgling designers with a helping hand.

2009:  Leonne Cuppen
2010:  Roland Bird, Marijn van der Poll
2011:  Miriam van der Lubbe, Bruno Ninaber van Eyben
2012:  Robert Bronwasser, Joost van Bleiswijk & Kiki van Eijk
2013:  Daan Roosegaarde, Piet Hein Eek
2014:  Scholten & Baijings, Arne Hendriks
2015:  Makkink & Bey, Koert van Mensvoort
2016:  Maarten Baas & Bas van Abel
2017: Marcus Fairs (Dezeen), Winy Maas (MVRDV) & Lonny van Ryswyck en Nadine Sterk (Atelier NL)


Since 2012 DDW has set a theme for each edition of the event, to support the publicity campaign that attracts the general public. 

2012:  Enter a Brave New World
2013:  Now Future
2014:  UP
2015:  What if...
2016: The making of
2017: Stretch

Future DDW

20-28 October

19-27 October

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