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Message in a Bottle

July 23, 2015



Message in a Bottle is a new Dutch Design Week initiative in cooperation with Hubert and Elisabeth van Doorne.

Zanzibar is an island with about 1 million inhabitants. In recent times, tourism has grown markedly and so too the volume of refuse. Message in a bottle seeks a solution for this issue. You are not expected to redevelop the country’s entire refuse system, but the first steps in the right direction.



Glass is not currently collected on Zanzibar because the cost of melting the glass is too high and so it ends up in the countryside. The challenge posed by Message in a Bottle is to find a sustainable use for this glass. We are looking for proposals for products using the discarded wine bottles. Products that demonstrate how the status of refuse can be transformed into a resource. We ask you to consider and to design from the perspective of an all-encompassing project, from raw material to finished product. The results must work as a catalyst for the greater problem and to make the opportunities visible for the various parties involved in the project: designers, the local community and future large-scale developers.



We have already selected 3 designers for the project and we are looking for the designer with a single brilliant idea that we cannot afford to miss. Is that you?


Submissions to until 14 August. Only complete submissions can be evaluated.


Correspondence regarding the selection will not be entered into.


For more information about the project and practical matters click here.