DDW Music Lab

simplicity of form ≠ simplicity of experience   

Want to experience music in a totally different way? At the Ketelhuisplein, musicians Strijbos & Van Rijswijk invite you to do that in their DDW Music Lab. With their own interactive installations and those of their selected colleagues, you’ll become the composer instead of just the listener!

The way you interact with the installations influences the sounds and music it makes. Just imagine if your thoughts could influence a composition, or if you could walk through a piece of music? And what does music sound like when it becomes a hands-on experience for kids? Find out at DDW Music Lab!

During the weekends, we invite several guest musicians and designers to the Lab, where they will not only explain their expertise but also they challenge you to take part in their workshops. Feel free to wander in and out as you please! 

The DDW Music Lab was rewarded 'Best of Dutch Design Week 2016', so it's most definitely a must see & hear!

Self Portrait as a Musical Instrument - by William Aikman
Glasgow-based sound designer and composer William Aikman’s practice explores new connections between interactive graphics and musical improvisation. His piece “Self Portrait as a Musical Instrument” perfectly captures his mix of instrument design, computer-game aesthetics and science fiction, with his signature dash of humor.

Open Axis - 
by Vito Willems
In this performance, Vito Willems anticipates new interactions between human and machine in a poetic dialogue of physical and non-physical language. A machine conducts the choreography, translating the conversation into sound, space and light. This project is a collaboration between Willems, a sound designer, with spatial designer Frederic de Milliano and product designer  Joost Dankelman.

Mi.Mu Gloves - by Chagall
An early adopter of Mi.Mu gloves, electronic musician Chagall's performances are unlike anything you've seen before. Instead of manipulating buttons, knobs, and sliders behind a typical console, the motion-based wearable interface allows her to 'play' her songs using hand gestures. Thus, the cutting-edge hardware enhances the music itself, elevating Chagall's bass-heavy yet soulful compositions into a must-see experience.

Multiverse - 
by John van Beek, Leonard Kuen, Tom Liem
Inspired by quantum mechanics, the "Multiverse" installation is an attempted to visualize the concept that particles can be in different places at the same time. The components — speakers, microphones, and cone balls — represent the interconnected relationship between a universe and individual particles, forming a self-contained feedback loop.

Sound Scouts - by Arvid Jense, Sebastiaan de Monte, 
Wesley Nieuwenhuizen, Lucandrea Baraldi
Fiddle with the building blocks of music (melody, harmony, rhythm etc.), discover how to combine them through collaboration, or explore the basic workings of musical instruments by building your own. Sound Scouts is an experience, workshop, and playground where children can explore music in a playful and abstract way by encouraging intuitive sound exploration.
Listen, push, press, twist, and discover with small hands, open ears, and big eyes.

Quiver#2 and  Quiver#3 - 
by Strijbos & Van Rijswijk, Pierluigi Pompeï
These hybrid works of sculpture and music evolved out of research on the audio-physical experience of spaces and objects. Developed by Dutch composers Jeroen Strijbos and Rob van Rijswijk in collaboration with visual designer Pierluigi Pompeï, the pieces explore the relationship between built structures of sound and the human body.
A kind of abstract gathering, Quiver#2 is a spatial constellation spheres, which softly emit musical sounds that are determined by its material. The interactive installation Quiver#3 emphasizes the relationship between the visitor’s body and the unified space of the installation.

Musical Apps: Music Boxes of the 21th Century

What potential does digital media hold for music-making in the future? At the Music Lab, you can play around with several innovative musical apps: Apps with innovative controls that allow you to create elaborate musical experiences. Apps that are part instrument, part composition tool, and part artwork. Apps that give you unlimited control over real-world sound. Apps that can filter your acoustic environment and can turn noise into tranquil harmonies.


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