Ready to go on a psychedelic trip through krautrock trip via Belgium? Ghent-based quartet Nordmann stages a controlled collision between the bluesy swagger of, say, the Stones and the acid-jazz freakouts of Can and Neu! to create an instrumental sound they can call their own.

Equal Idiots        
These boys from Antwerp sound like they're having so much fun kicking out the stripped-down rock'n'roll jams that you can't help but like them. After all, it's about time we saw a new wave of garage revivalists like the Vines or the Hives.

Downtown Boys
These five kids from Providence, Rhode Island, have taken up the mantle of DIY-queercore punk-rock. In-your-face though they may be, their music is equally rollicking and uncompromising -- no surprise considering that their latest album, "Cost of Living", was produced by Guy Picciotto of Fugazi.


Free entrance with a DDW ticket (except for the DDW Music Specials)

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Temporary Art Centre (TAC)
Vonderweg 1
5611BK Eindhoven

Map No. 46

Central Area



Saturday 28 October

20:30 Doors open
21:00 Nordmann
22:00 Equal Idiots
23:15 Downtown Boys

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