Expositie (Engels gesproken) georganiseerd door Flowers for Slovakia

Successful exhibition platform comes back with the third traveling collection of contemporary jewelry. Pass it on tells stories of inspiring personalities of Slovakia by young talents to watch.

The collection Pass it on outlines an historical timeline of Slovakia through evocative objects, telling stories of both bygone and today’s outstanding personalities who contributed to changing their era.

Young designers, architects and jewelry makers pay tribute to outstanding characters of Slovakia. The objects represent achievements and tell life stories of pioneers from diverse fields ranging from art, architecture, politics, music and sports.

As a result of hands-on workshops, the collection puts together selected fragments of Slovak history since the year 820 till nowadays. You will learn that a Slovak can become the king of Madagascar, or invent a parachute, discover a comet or get nominated for the Nobel Prize for literature.

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Klokgebouw 50
5617AB Eindhoven

Map No. 21
Strijp Area

Toegankelijk voor mindervaliden, Toiletten, Kidsproof


za 22 okt. 11:00 - 18:00
zo 23 okt. 11:00 - 18:00
ma 24 okt. 11:00 - 18:00
di 25 okt. 11:00 - 18:00
wo 26 okt. 11:00 - 18:00
do 27 okt. 11:00 - 18:00
vr 28 okt. 11:00 - 18:00
za 29 okt. 11:00 - 18:00
zo 30 okt. 11:00 - 18:00

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Curator: Lars Kemper, Peter Olah, Michala Lipková, Dana Tomečková
Tentoonstellingsontwerp: Michala Lipková, Andrej Olah
Grafische vormgeving: Michala Lipková
Teksten: Katarína Trnovská
Fotografie: Adam Sakový
Film: Igor Smitka
Dank aan: Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic , Faculty of Architecture in Bratislava, Tatra Banka Foundation, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic (In the framework of the Slovak Presidency of the European Council), Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Emil Belluš Fund

Organized by Flowers for Slovakia

Flowers for Slovakia project

Flowers for Slovakia is an extraordinary project for extraordinary talents. Unique exhibition collections developed within the frame of this platform are inspired by vernacular craft & traditions, and promote cultural heritage of Slovakia abroad through the language of contemporary design. Thanks to Flowers for Slovakia selected students of design (and related creative disciplines) are donated a chance to experience the professional environment.

To present Flowers to someone means to honor for something, to share beauty: the idea to tell the story of Slovak culture via the unconventional means of contemporary design, originates from project's authors – experienced designers Lars Kemper and Peter Olah. The name and the mission of the project, inspired by the act of giving, started as a pilot project in co-operation with the Institute of Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Bratislava.

The project's first glass design collection Handle with Care was developed in cooperation with world leading glass producer LASVIT and renown AJETO glassworks in 2011. Two years later, the platform established co-operation with high-end furniture producer Vitra, whose support had enabled creation of furniture and interior accessories collection Lost & Found by Vitra, which was launched in 2013.

Since the year 2009 the project has involved 45 young design students and we have so far produced 17 international exhibitions. The project has received three internationally recognized awards and several nominations. As an additional form of academic design studies, the project has received the auspices of the Faculty of Architecture of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. It is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and runs under the auspices of the President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska.

At the occasion of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the partner of project’s exhibition tour is the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

Pass it on Tour 2016
02. - 05. 06. 2016 - DMY Berlin
03. - 10. 09. 2016 - Paris Design Week
08. - 23. 09. 2016 - Brussels Design September
22. - 30. 10. 2016 - Dutch Design Week

Authors and creative directors of the project
Lars Kemper & Peter Olah

Managing director
Michala Lipková

Main lector of the Pass it on collection
Dana Tomečková

Exhibition project consultant
Andrej Olah

Invited experts
Hany Kašičková & Karol Weisslechner

The project develops under auspices of Ľubica Vitková, the dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.

Featured designers and objects

  • Petra Debnárová - The Mind Sings
    Tribute to Karol Plicka (1894 - 1987)
  • Andrea Ďurianová - By Vilhan’s Design
    Tribute to Vojtech Vilhan (1926 - 1988)
  • Jozef Eduard Masarik - The Armour
    Tribute to Rastislav (820 – 870)
  • Vanda Gábrišová – Home
    Tribute to Anton Srholec (1929 - 2016)
  • Silvia Gálová – The Pump
    Tribute to Jozef Karol Hell (1713 - 1789)
  • Filip Horník – The Parachute
    Tribute to Štefan Banič (1870 -1941)
  • Patrik Knoblich - Traces in the Ice
    Tribute to Ondrej Nepela (1951 - 1989)
  • Mária Kobelová - The World of Dreams
    Tribute to Albín Brunovský (1935 - 1997)
  • Beata H. Kuraj - A More Beautiful Life
    Tribute to Magda Husáková Lokvencová (1916 - 1966)
  • Dominika Mačáková - My Jewels
    Tribute to Elena Maróthy-Šoltésová (1855 - 1939)
  • Beáta Madajová – Badges of Honour
    Tribute to Milan Rastislav Štefánik (1880 - 1919)
  • Veronika Očadlíková - The Touch of Words
    Tribute to Milan Rúfus (1928 - 2009)
  • Nikola Orgoňová - The Sounds
    Tribute to Eugen Suchoň (1908 - 1993)
  • Barbora Rutová - The Falling Star
    Tribute to Ľudmila Pajdušáková (1916 - 1979)
  • Petra Šebová - Carduus Textorisianus
    Tribute to Izabela Textorisová (1866 - 1949)
  • Ľubomír Slovinský - The Charm of the Underground
    Tribute to Ján Majko (1900 - 1985)
  • Lucia Tomaschová - The Untouchable
    Tribute to Ľudovít Štúr (1815 - 1856)
  • František Tóth - The Golden Yarn
    Tribute to Móric Beňovský (1746 - 1786)

E-mail: michala.lipkova@f4sk.com
Website: http://www.f4sk.com
Telefoon: +421904797083