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This Day of Learning explores the main principles of nomadic living in Kyrgyzstan under de guidance of Chinara Seidakhmatova, expert in nomadic culture. Chinara Seidakhmatova will talk about the heritage that her family has been fostering from one generation to the next.

Our modern fragmented way living is a consequence of our lack of a knowledge and understanding of the world. To develop a deep understanding, we need a sincere dialogue that includes the equality of humans to exclude superiority of some over others. The absence of this coherent picture of the world separated humanity for millennia. A dialogue as such will not develop from the pursuit of materialism. A mutual understanding will result in the universal recognition of priority of the natural above anything else. Interconnectedness with each other, nature and the universe are beliefs that are of major importance within nomadic culture, and are represented in all aspects of their traditional lifestyle.

Chinara Seidakhmatova will have 2 Days of Learning:

1. Traditional knowledge of the ancient nomadic world
24 Oct 12:00 – 13:00 People’s Pavilion

2. Everyday life and spiritual practices in nomadic culture 
26 Oct 13:00 - 14:30 Van Abbemuseum

Chiara Seidakhmatova (Kyrgyzstan) is an economist by education. She worked as a teacher of political economy, and led a successful restaurant business later. After 2000 she was the director of the business association, then the director of the Congress of business associations. Always had a passion for sewing women's clothing, she has a small tailor-made clothes shop, now mostly national traditional clothes. Her hobby for traditional knowledge began in 2005 with the study of patterns, which eventually deepened. Since 2008 she have been cooperating with the cultural research center ‘Aigine’, where she participates as an expert in projects. ‘Aigine’ is devoted to the study of traditional knowledge of Kyrgyz people in various spheres of life, from the socio-political system of communication to healing knowledge of ancient ancestors.

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Van Abbemuseum
Bilderdijklaan 10
5611NH Eindhoven

Map No. 72

Central Area

Toegankelijk voor mindervaliden, Toiletten


do 26 okt. 13:00 - 14:30


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