Lezing (Engels gesproken) georganiseerd door World Design Event

We like to think of our love as a very personal thing, but it follows statistical preferences. In every society certain features are perceived as more attractive than others. Telling someone who is scoring under average that we are all beautiful, is like telling someone who is poor that money doesn’t matter. It’s ignorant, if not cynical.

This is where completism comes into play. Completism aspires to an intimate completion of justice. Its practitioners, the Army of Love, offer all-encompassing sensual love—care, desire, sex, and respect—to all those who need it. Experience how the Army of Love is about to change the course of, not just human, history.

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People's Pavilion
ketelhuisplein 1
5617AE Eindhoven

Map No. 26

Strijp Area


di 24 okt. 14:00 - 15:00


Organized by World Design Event

World Design Event is een nieuw internationaal designplatform georganiseerd door Dutch Design Foundation, verbonden aan Dutch Design Week en mede mogelijk gemaakt door onze partners en designstad Eindhoven.

E-mail: wde@dutchdesignfoundation.com
Website: http://worlddesignevent.org
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