Seminar/conferentie (Engels gesproken) georganiseerd door World Design Event

The symbiosis of humans and robots is perhaps the ultimate form of love. How will this (be)coming together of man and machine occur? What will we win or lose? What human characteristics need to be preserved for the coming genera- tions? Will we continue to morph ourselves into our own pets or become loving cyborgs? How can humans and robots feel recognized and valued in the process?

Creative creators, designers, artists, dancers, robot fans, engineers, futurists, startups and students can join our call for cyborgs: anyone who is wondering where to go in the future and what the chances and dangers of a new post-human race are. Prostheses and sensory applications play a role, as well as uploading our brains in which intelligence is shared with a super AI belong to the possibilities. And what are the ethical consequences?

We will launch our cyborg competition in collaboration with the Dutch Design Foundation and the Design Academy. Please check out our Call for Cyborgs for more information.

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Former V&D Warehouse
Vrijstraat 11
5611AT Eindhoven

Map No. 61

Central Area


vr 27 okt. 16:00 - 17:30


Organized by World Design Event

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