With more than 25,000 visitors the latest DDW location emerged as a true hub the last two year. Again, this year, Het Veem in Strijp-S offers space for young talent and people with innovative ideas. It is also the perfect place for curated exhibitions – like the retrospective exhibition for the Dutch Design Awards finalists and In No Particular Order by the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie. The Veemgebouw can only be entered with a DDW ticket. 


Looking for a big exhibition space in the heart of DDW? Exhibiting from 36 square metre € 75 excl. VAT. and participation costs.

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Space prices

We supply a single floor-located power distribution point for each exhibition. Use of energy-efficient lighting and equipment is mandatory, as well as fire-safe materials. A sprinkler system is operational.


In connection with the building’s limited power facilities, an extra group (3600W, 230V, 16A) is possible in consultation. The related costs are € 350 excl. VAT. Three- phase power is available upon request and at extra cost.

Internet/ water

A internet or water connection is available upon request and at extra cost.


Participants will each be responsible for their own waste disposal. Should you wish to dispose of large quantities of waste, quotes can be requested for this.


The toilets are situated on the ground oor of Het Veem (Vershal).


Opening hours during DDW

Daily from 11:00-18:00 hours.

Construction and disassembly

Construction can take place from Monday 16 until Thursday 19 October, 09:00-20:00 hours. On Friday 20 October the building will be closed in connection with the judging of the Dutch Design Awards. 

Disassembly can take place on Monday 30 October (deviation from these times in consultation with the organisation).