During the 17th edition of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven you can see with your own eyes how tomorrow’s world is already taking shape. Smart solutions and inventive designs offer new perspectives that look very promising. From 20 to 28 October 2018 the doors to the future will once again be open for nine days in a city that buzzes with innovation and creative energy.

Please note: The deadline for applying for DDW 2018 is postponed until 31 July!

Apply now!

Why participate?

Press and publicity

DDW attracts journalists and photographers, bloggers and scouts from around the world. As an official participant, your work will be actively drawn to our media partners’ attention.

Get seen

Design lovers, purchasers, curators and colleagues: DDW draws a huge public. Website and social media are visited and consulted with an incredible frequency throughout the event.

Personal web account

As a registered participant, you will be allotted your own account on www.ddw.nl to which it is simple to upload text and images. In October 2017, the website had more than 2,5 millions page views.

Expand your network

During DDW you make contacts. With colleagues, representatives from commerce, education and the cultural sector, and possibly collaborative partners and people that inspire you.

Good business

DDW is about doing business too. Commerce and industry are well represented, your target group too. In addition, DDW maintains good contact with international design events, knowledge institutes and grant providers.

Have fun

Eindhoven is a real design city – with a rich industrial past and two leading educational institutes for design. It is also the home base for countless designers and their creative hatching ground. Everyone who has attended Dutch Design Week will agree: this event excites, inspires, and is an exceptional experience. For nine long days, Eindhoven is the place to be in a relaxed atmosphere.


2600 designers

610 events

110 locations

335.000 visitos

900+ press accreditations

DDW Online

Facebook 52.600+

Twitter 25.100+

Instagram 54.500+

Practical information & Selection criteria

Who can participate?

  • Designers, agencies, studios and collectives
  • Design labels and companies involved in design
  • Educational, knowledge and cultural institutes
  • Hospitality, providing the activities planned have a link with design

What is suitable for the programme?

  • Exhibitions, (product) presentations and demonstrations
  • Lectures, seminars, network meetings and workshops
  • (Product) launches, kick-offs and award presentations

Selection committee

Submissions will be evaluated by the DDW selection committee under the supervision of programme managers Katja Lucas and Lotte Douwes. The DDW ambassadors fulfil an advisory role. Within one week, you will receive a response on your application. Please note: for the Klokgebouw,Veemgebouw, Ketelhuisplein and other guest locations that are offered, other DDW criteria apply.

Selection criteria

With their ability to create and solve problems, designers have a positive impact on the complex challenges of tomorrow. Based on this conviction and the following criteria, the selection committee examines all the submissions:

  • The submission is design related.
  • The submission is topical/recent (thought of, created or made in the period 2017-2018) and has not been seen before at DDW.
  • The submission is innovative and/or contributes to existing ideas.
  • The submission is well-considered and thought out and ready for presentation.
  • The submission is original, distinctive or experimental in both idea and execution.

The selection committee encourages submissions that originate from a cooperation between designers, commerce, experts, industry and /or knowledge institutes.

Cost of participation

Participants pay a contribution that depends on the event and the number of people (and/or events) that they register. 
This is exclusive of any other costs for the rental of locations and other production costs. Separate conditions apply for the KlokgebouwHet Veem and Ketelhuisplein.

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Additional Promotion 

DDW can increase the visibility of an event with additional promotional activities. For more information, please contact Marloes Philipse.

Payment method

After approval of their event, participants will receive payment request for their contribution via email.

Sign up process

Step 1

Register for the Dutch Design Foundation community via the website: www.ddw.nl. After approval, you will be assigned a personal web account where you must enter information and sign up for DDW 2018. Within two weeks, you will receive a response on your registration. Registration via email will not be accepted. 

PLEASE NOTE: the deadline for registration is postponed until 31 July 2018, 23:59 hours

Step 2

After approval, you will receive a message on how to upload the practical information and important content for your participation, the deadline for which will be communicated in this mail.

Step 3

You will receive an invoice for the participation fee and a payment link with which you can pay the participation fee.

Please note that your registration will only become final, once we have received your payment.

General terms and conditions

Read the general terms and conditions here.

Important dates

06 April
Open for submissions

31 July, 23.59 hrs

Deadline for submissions

From 20 August
Uploading text, images and information — important in connection with the incorporation in the public campaign, promotional channels and other publicity activities for DDW

01 September
Definitive programme online at the new website of DDW!

20-28 October
Dutch Design Week

Complete DDW Questionnaire

Locations & Permits

Locations for participants 

Participants who do not have a location of their own in which to hold their presentation will be offered an overview of guest locations after approval through a personal web account. DDW can also offer special locations in Strijp-S. Read more about the opportunities in the KlokgebouwHet Veem and Ketelhuisplein.


For outside locations, an empty building or a party.

When as a Dutch Design Week participant do you need to request a permit?

As a participant you must ascertain if a permit is required for you to exhibit in your chosen location. If you require a permit, you must email this to the DDW organisation program@dutchdesigfoundation.com before 1 July. In addition, you must start the permit application process before 1 July in accordance with the guidelines below.

Are you organising an activity in an existing location and does the event fall under the regular use for that location? Then you do not require a permit. In case of doubt, it is sensible to discuss your activity with Eindhoven 365, the front office for the municipality’s events cluster. You can access the contact details through the web links below.

Are you planning to organise an event on the Stadhuisplein, the Lichtplein or the Ketelhuisplein? Indicate this when registering and we will contact you. You do not need to apply for a permit yourself, these locations are covered by the DDW permit. There are costs involved in this request. We work with Suna Producties to this end. You will receive an indication of the costs in advance.

Are you using another outside location, an empty building or organising a party? Then you may possibly need to apply for a permit. Contact Eindhoven 365, the front office for the municipality’s events cluster. You can access the contact details through the web links below.


Eindhoven365 is you first port of call (front office) for events. Eindhoven365 employees can assist you in the fleshing out of your idea, provide advice on grant opportunities and help you in requesting the permit. Contact Eindhoven365 via aanvragen@eindhoven365.nl or call +31 (0)40-707 40 40. For more information, we kindly refer you to www.ehv365.nl.

Event policy

Here you can discover the ins and outs of the municipality of Eindhoven’s event policy. You can find answers to questions like: who is responsible for what, what is the procedure and what are the conditions and regulations? For more information, click here.

Request forms

The notification and request form for events can be accessed here www.eindhoven.nl.

Deadline for registering: 1 July 2018. 

Renault Design Rides

The Design Rides are visible, prominent and everywhere during Dutch Design Week. 

35 of the Renault Design Rides are adorned with a design object on their roof made by one of the Dutch Design Week participants. This unique form of transport allows DDW to ferry 40,000 visitors from one DDW location to another free of charge. So the cars and the objects are visible throughout the city. 

Do you want more information about your design object on one of the Renault Design Rides? Go to the information-pdf on this page or mail to wisse@dutchdesignfoundation.com.

Deadline: 3 September 2018

DDW Shop

The DDW shop is located in the Klokgebouw. The well-stocked shop at the heart of the week is open every day. As a DDW 2018 participant, you can sell your own work through the shop. Registration for the DDW Shop is possible after you are approved to participate in DDW 2018.

Deadline: 1 september 2018