Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) strengthens the Dutch Design ecosystem and stimulates Dutch Design as a design culture. In addition, DDF is the driver behind Dutch Design Week, the biggest design event in Northern Europe, leading the future of design. To support young designers and their innovative ideas, we introduce you to a number of inspiring crowdfunding campaigns.


Do you have an innovative or ground-breaking design? And are you looking for a community that can help you realise your design? Then register for the third edition of Crowdfunding Dutch Design!

Crowdfunding Dutch Design is a Dutch Design Foundation initiative (the organisation behind Dutch Design Week & Dutch Design Awards) to support designers in the financing of innovative ideas through crowdfunding. Together with our partners, crowdfunding platforms voordekunst and Kickstarter, we will go in search of a public that will help you implement your ideas. On the one hand we focus on experimental products in which research, community or craft are central and on the other technology-driven innovative designs for the national and international market. Creating new designs, ideas and products together for and with your unique target group is the purpose of this programme. 

The programme

The Crowdfunding Dutch Design programme comprises three components: campaign coaching, communication and PR phase and the exhibition.

Depending on your product and objectives, we select an appropriate crowdfunding partner so that you can start some serious work to create an effective campaign. A campaign usually has an average duration of 4-6 weeks. Your campaign is subsequently included in the Crowdfunding Dutch Design partners’ various communication and media channels.

During Dutch Design Week 2018 (20-28 October) your project will be part of a professionally designed exhibition in the Klokgebouw and all eyes will be on your product.


Want to get involved? Register before 22 June with the help of the following form. Together with its crowdfunding partners DDF will select a maximum of 10 projects that best meet the criteria. 

The Crowdfunding Dutch Design programme offers three different packages:

Crowdfund package – Full (May – October) € 1500 *

Are you looking for comprehensive coaching and exposure? This package contains all three components: campaign coaching, communication and PR support and exhibition. A maximum of 10 designers can take advantage of this package, so do not delay and register in time.  

Crowdfund package – Medium (January – December) € 750 *

Do you have a campaign that gets started earlier in the year? Then you can always take advantage of the Crowdfund package - Medium which offers campaign coaching, communication and PR support. This package can start at any time throughout the year and does not include the exhibition. 

Crowdfund package – Light (January – December) € 250 * **

Have you organised your own communication, campaign and exhibition, but you do want to be included in the DDW Crowdfunding Dutch Design programme, so that visitors can find you more easily? We bundle all the crowdfunding projects on the DDW website, a mention of the project is included in the Crowdfunding Dutch Design exhibition during DDW and in the press release ‘Announcement of the Crowdfunding Dutch Design selection ’. 

*Prices are excluding success fees for the crowdfunding platform concerned (for Kickstarter: 8% + 0.20€ for each pledge, for voordekunst: 7%)

**Prices are excluding DDW participation costs 

What do you get?

Depending on the crowdfund package you have selected, the following components are offered.   

Campaign coaching

The coaching for establishing a campaign includes the following components:

  • Collective workshop ‘Kickoff’ | Formulating the scope of the campaign (2 hours)
  • 1-on-1 coaching consultation (telephone/skype) | Working through the steps for the campaign going live
  • Feedback moment | A single short consultation during the campaign 

voordekunst offers participants the extra components:

  • Collective work session ‘How to reach your public’ (3 hours)

Crowdfund package – Full 

Crowdfund package – Medium 

Communication and PR support

The Crowdfunding Dutch Design partners offer the following support in the area of communication and PR. 


The selected projects for the Crowdfund package – Full and Crowdfund package – Medium are mentioned in the following DDW communications: 

  • DDW homepage (announcement of the selection)
  • Exclusive post on Facebook as campaign goes live
  • Exclusive post on Twitter as campaign goes live
  • 2 exclusive posts for each project on Instagram during the Crowdfunding Dutch Design week (the planning for this week is set by the DDW organisation)
  • The complete selection will be announced on LinkedIn (August – October)
  • The complete selection will be announced in the newsletter (August – October)
  • Inclusion of the project in the press release ‘Announcement of the Crowdfunding Dutch Design selection’ (August – October) 
  • DDW pitches the projects through a minimum of 3 different media in the period August - October (DDW cannot guarantee that the project will be published) 


The Kickstarter campaigns are bundled in a Curated Dutch Design page on the Kickstarter platform. This Curated page with all the projects will then be communicated through the following Kickstarter channels:

  • Facebook and Twitter (3x)
  • The projects will be mentioned by Kickstarter in the Tip sheets for journalists (distributed in October)


  • Exclusive post on Facebook (date in consultation)
  • Exclusive post on Twitter (date in consultation) 
  • Exclusive post on LinkedIn (date in consultation) 
  • The complete selection will be announced in a newsletter
  • The complete selection will be announced through a press release 
  • The complete selection will be announced on the website 

Crowdfund package – Full

Crowdfund package – Medium (depending on when the campaign goes live)


You are allotted a space in the curated exhibition in the Klokgebouw. This space disposes of the following facilities: 

  • Plot of 1.5-2 meters (layout to be decided by the exhibition designer)
  • 1x electricity point
  • 1x suspension point above the space
  • 1x spotlight
  • 1 plinth/block for the project 
  • Text board with a description of the project in NL – EN 

The participant is responsible for the dressing of the allotted space.  The exhibition designer will provide guidelines. 

Crowdfund package – Full 

Mention of project (easier to find)

To make sure the people you want to draw in can find your crowdfunding project during DDW your project will be mentioned in the following ways:

  • Mention of the project on Crowdfunding Dutch Design page on ddw.nl 
  • Mention of the project in the press release ‘Announcement of the Crowdfunding Dutch Design selection’ 
  • Mention of the project and location of the exhibition concerned on the map in the Crowdfunding Dutch Design exhibition in the Klokgebouw. 

Crowdfund package – Light 


The product is design related

The product is topical

The product is innovative and/or is an addition to existing ideas

The product is well considered, thought through and ripe for presentation

The product is original and distinctive or experimental in both concept and execution

The product is in line with Dutch Design Mentality 

The project owner has a professional website and a social media account

The project owner has a good network (minimum 500 relevant contacts)

Partners campaign coaching

We work with 2 parties for the campaign coaching:

The Construction Club

The Construction Club is part of voordekunst and focuses on advising young entrepreneurs and makers on professionalising a project or studio. This club of experts is responsible for the coaching of projects on behalf of voordekunst. The Construction Club comprises a selection of crowdfunding, financing and sponsoring experts. 


Heather Corcoran, European Design & Technology Outreach lead for Kickstarter, supervises the Kickstarter selection. 


Are you looking for the right approach for preparing a crowdfunding campaign? In this Masterclass crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and voordekunst introduce you to the world of co-creation and alternative financing. You learn which steps you need to take to create a successful campaign and the dos and don’ts. You also get an opportunity to present your ideas and to ask the Kickstarter and voordekunst experts questions.

The master class will be the Kick-off for the third edition of Crowdfunding Dutch Design. The master class will take place during the Festival Designkwartier in The Hague. Following the meeting you will have an opportunity to visit the many exhibitions and studios who have opened their doors during this 3-day design event.   

Register for the Master class here

Prins Hendrikstraat 39, The Hague

1 June 2018

14:00 – 16:00 hours


  • Heather Corcoran, Kickstarter  - European Design & Technology Outreach Lead 
  • Alyssa Mahler, voordekunst – project manager  

Crowdfunding partners


Kickstarter helps designers, inventors, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. To date, tens of thousands of creative projects — big and small — have come to life with the support of the Kickstarter community, with the help of over 10 million backers. Some of those projects come from influential creators like Bjarke Ingels or respected companies like Lomography. Most come from amazing creative people you probably haven’t heard of — from design students to basement startups. Learn more and get started! 


Voordekunst is the Dutch crowdfunding platform for creative projects. We advise artists and designers on their campaigns, to help them realize their projects and products. Anyone can donate easily via our platform. This way, over 150.000 people have made more than 2.700 Dutch creative projects come to life. In the Dutch Design category on voordekunst, over 92% of projects have reached their goal. Join us to make Dutch Design possible!


Crowdfunding Master Class | 1 June

Deadline registration | 17 June

Interviews with crowdfunding partners | mid-June 

Coaching Crowdfund package - Full | 1 July – 1 November 

Exhibition DDW | 20 – 28 October 



Facebook 52,300

Twitter 25,000

Instagram 55,800

Press accreditations 900+

Visitors 335,000 


Supporters 14,554,699

Number of projects 143,026 

Donated 3,652,303,108 dollars 

Facebook 1,500,000 

Twitter 1,110,000

Success rate 36 %


Supporters 180,858

Number of projects 3041 

Donated 17,860,576 euro

Facebook 18,612

Twitter 10,100

Success rate 82%


Without the support from the Crowdfunding Dutch Design programme we would not have achieved our target amount of 30,000 euros. The team really supported us in all kinds of areas so that we could prepare an effective approach.” - Christian Boer, Dyslexie Font

Because of Crowdfunding Dutch Design our product is now a saleable item. It was a relatively small amount but for us as a fledgling company more than enough for us to take that extra step. Since then we have exhibited the product all over the world and we sell internationally too.” - Nienke Bongers, Dangling Grid 

"Crowdfunding Dutch Design allowed us to have our prototype tested by potential users. This generated a committed community of people who believed in our mission and product. During and in the run-up to DDW 1250 people signed up for our newsletter.  A selection of them are now the product’s active co-creators. In part thanks to these advances, we collected 200,000 euros in 30 days to realise our dream."  - Julian Jagtenberg, Somnox 


The Dyslexia Book of DDW participants Anne and Mats

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DDW X Kickstarter

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