The Making of Your World shows the complicated world behind products we use.

We support animal welfare and oppose gene technology, yet we still consume massive amounts of products that are at odds with these views. We are against child labour and exploitation, yet we can’t resist buying a T-shirt for 5 euros. As users and consumers of the products that make our daily lives more comfortable, we simply find it difficult to consider their social impact. Sometimes we want to, but we don’t know how. More often, however, we have no idea whether products meet the standards that, in theory at least, we expect of them. And that is becoming increasingly difficult in a world where each and every product is the result of hundreds of processes: from mining raw materials to assembling all the separate components into a functioning product. The exhibition The Making of Your World shows how designers can help us better understand what’s at stake.

The Making of Your World is a sequel to the It’s Your World exhibition from 2015. This year the exhibition again reflects the annual theme of the Dutch Design Week: ‘The making of’. The presentation shows what’s involved in making products. The guiding principles in compiling he exhibition were the experiences of DDW ambassador Bas van Abel and the issues he faced in making a sustainable telephone. Nobody could tell him precisely what was needed, and making a telephone turned out to be a considerably secretive process. Under the pretext of protecting commercial interests or competition-sensitive information, little information was available about the source of raw materials or components. The same applies to many products besides telephones, intentionally or unintentionally turning them into black boxes, or closed systems.

Van Abel ran into various questions. How are raw materials mined? How is a product made and used? What happens when it ceases working? And what happens when we no longer want it? With his Fairphone, Van Abel asks whether we can highlight other values besides economic values. He also questions the role of designers. Is design just about final products or more the underlying processes? Is design about beauty only, or mainly about what we all think is important?

During DDW you can also follow the ‘It’s Your World Route’ and each afternoon attend a unique interview with a designer who explains his vision of his profession and motives during an anatomical lesson in which he dissects an object.

It’s Your World deals with materials in a sustainable manner. This exhibition design recycles material previously used in the exhibition about the Amsterdam School at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. We are seeking a new use for this material after DDW. Let us know if you’re interested! 


Curator: Concept: Bas van Abel en Dutch Design Foundation | Samenstellers: Bas van Abel, Reinder Bakker, Hester van Dijk, Tim Vermeulen, Dries van Wagenberg
Exhibition design: Ontwerp: Overtreders-W | Productie: De Projectstudio | Realisatie: Marc Spaapen
Texts: Teksten: Willemijn de Jonge, Bas van Lier | Vertalingen: Billy Nolan
Sponsors: het BankGiro Loterij Fonds, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Kossman.dejong, Bouwko Landstra, Exposize

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Organized by Dutch Design Foundation ism het BankGiro Loterij Fonds

The Making of Your World exhibition is part of the It’s Your World program organized by Dutch Design Foundation and the BankGiro Loterij Fonds.

A better world begins with better design. How are everyday products made? Who makes them and what are they made of? In this exhibition designers show you alternative ways of producing and share insights into their production processes. So that you can consciously choose for better, more social, more environmentally sound or more beautiful. The BankGiro Loterij Fonds supports ‘It’s Your World’ because it wants to contribute to innovative, creative ideas and solutions for now and for the future. 

Be inspired by the world behind surprising design.

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