The result of an experimental practice at finding a substitute for synthetic plastic

While working on this project, I followed Zero Waste philosophy and sought to shed light on an increasingly prevalent problem of environmental pollution, as well as to reduce its impact through the processes and alternative products I create.

I had tested a number of natural materials as well as their mixtures before I came up with the most suitable solution - biodegradable algae-based material. All my experiments also figure as an inseparable part of the final solution.


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Exhibition design: Austeja Platukyte
Graphic: Austeja Platukyte
Texts: Austeja Platukyte
Photography: Austeja Platukyte
Film: Austeja Platukyte
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Organized by Austeja Platukyte

My passion is to create unexpected and original objects and I love to express my thoughts through product design. I’m creating innovative solutions for the furniture and everyday life objects.

At this moment, I'm most interested in a new biodegradable materials development, experiments with natural resins and local organic waste ingredients. I can contribute to the reduction of global pollution problems while creating alternative products and adapting them to the market.

I received a Product Design bachelor degree at Vilnius Academy of Arts this year.

Currently I'm studying at Vilnius Academy of Arts for a Master degree of Product Design.

Telephone: +37062589592