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Want to experience music in a totally different way? At the Ketelhuisplein, Strijbos & Van Rijswijk challenge you to do that in their DDW Music Lab. With their own interactive installations and those of their selected colleagues, you’ll experience music & design. What if you could walk through a piece of music? Or how do you make music with only your body? And what are the instruments of the future?

Tactile orchestra (FRONT404 + KunstLAB Arnhem)
Have you ever made music by putting down your beer or touching some wool? Tactile Orchestra provides a way to get you out of your daily routine and experience this! By touching textile you’ll be able to create symphonies together, plus the bar radiates enchanting lights and plays music when touched.

Walk With Me (Strijbos & Van Rijswijk)
Ever wanted to make your own soundtrack for a city? If you walk with Strijbos and Van Rijswijk, you can! Plug in your earbuds and start walking around; depending on your pace and route, the music you hear changes. This way, Strijbos and Van Rijswijk change the perception and ‘feel’ of public spaces.

Rocking Chairs (Strijbos & Van Rijswijk)
What’s the easiest way to create music? Kicking back and relaxing! The rocking chairs designed by Strijbos and Van Rijswijk enable you to enjoy making music in a sonic rocking chair, which is responsive to physical movement. The chairs focus on personalized, interactive performances and coordination with fellow ‘rockers’.

Sense of Control (Hans Timmermans)
Are you a control freak? How much chaos can you handle in your music? Via a playing field, combined with an infra-red sensor, Hans Timmermans will test how much chaos can and will provide inspiration.

Dadoc (Strijbos & Van Rijswijk)
You can now compose your own music! Filter the different layers of sound by closing/opening Dadocs and decide what part of the music you want to hear and what not. This particular project focusses on the dynamic side of composing.

Dato Duo (Toon Welling & David Menting)
If you have a kid interested in music; pay attention. Dato Duo was designed to enable two users of all ages to jam together; not just with your friends, but also your (grand)children!

In the weekends, the DDW Music Lab will transform into an Open Lab, where musicians and designers experiment and explain everything about their expertise.

Town of Machine: ‘Workshop’ (Joost van Bleiswijk, Roel Blommers, Denvis)
After hearing the theme for this year’s Dutch Design Week ‘The Making Of’, Joost van Bleiswijk got inspired and started the project; Town of Machine, an almost fictional band that uses the real life sounds of production and design as a starting point for their music.

Van Bleiswijk opened up Studio Joost and Kiki to (field)record the sounds of drills, grinders, saws, hammers and more with the help of Roel Blommers (Rock ‘n Roll Support Studio Eindhoven/ bassplayer in PAUW) and musician/actor/filmer Denvis. Blommers and Denvis later filled in the blanks. Combining music and the workshop noise, they made the track ‘Workshop’, which can be heard in DDW Music Lab and is illustrated with a ‘band poster’ by Dutch Design Collective Scherpontwerp. Be sure to check it out if you visit the Music Lab.

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Following a successful first edition in 2015, Dutch Design Week, Effenaar and Friendly Fire are pleased to present an expanded DDW Music programme this October. From 22-30 October, Eindhoven will host not only thousands of designers but also over 60 emerging and established artists at twelve different locations throughout the city. As with the cutting-edge design and art on view, the music programme pushes the boundaries of what’s new and next. For more information, visit the homepage at ddw.nl/music.

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