Part of the interdisciplinary exhibition MAARTEN BAAS MAKES TIME

Maarten Baas creates a temporary restaurant for 9 days, within his theatrical exhibition MAARTEN BAAS MAKES TIME. Chef Sergio Herman creates a festive menu which will be prepared by his professional crew (the evenings on which Sergio will personally attend will be decided later). The restaurant features a menu of Sergio’s signature dishes, presented on tableware especially designed by Maarten for the occasion.

Maarten Baas will personally welcome his guests for a tour of the theatrical exhibition. Afterwards, all dinner guests will be able to enjoy the culinary feast throughout the evening.

This evening, which includes food, drink, exhibition, music and theatre, is offered for 195 euros per. person (incl. VAT).

Tables: banquet style seating configuration.

Time: 6:30

Address: VDMA building, Vestdijk 27, Eindhoven

Dates: October 23, 25, 26, 27, 29 and 30th

You make your reservation through this link.

Seats are limited, so please be quick!

MAARTEN BAAS: ‘I first encountered Sergio Herman when he used my furniture for The Jane. His enormous drive, which is plainly apparent in the VPRO documentary Fucking Perfect, has a catalytic effect on me.’

MAARTEN BAAS MAKES TIMES brings us designer MAARTEN BAAS in the role of the alchemist. For the 15th anniversary of Dutch Design Week he mixes up gastronomy with graphic design, the arts with theatre and shows an amalgamation of Dutch designers using 'time' as a central theme, showcasing the work of renowned designers (Jurgen Bey, Kiki van Eijk) and younger talent (Niels Hoebers, Aart van Asseldonk)

MAARTEN BAAS: “Design is a rather unattractive word for so much that is beautiful. It forms the glue between different disciplines and binds it into an accessible whole. In this exhibition everything comes together and triggers a huge creative explosion!” By eradicating the boundaries between the creative disciplines MAARTEN BAAS designs a complete new creation.

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For more information about the exhibition, please contact Justine Kontou,


Curator: Maarten Baas
Exhibition design: Maarten Baas en Joris van Midde
Sponsors: Dutch Design Foundation, Gemeente Eindhoven, Lensvelt, Cor Unum en Vlisco

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Vestdijk 25-27
5611CA Eindhoven

Map No. 74
Central Area

Accessible for disabled, Toilets, Open after 18.00 hours

Opening hours

Sun 23 Oct 19:00 - 00:00
Tue 25 Oct 19:00 - 00:00
Wed 26 Oct 19:00 - 00:00
Thu 27 Oct 19:00 - 00:00
Sat 29 Oct 19:00 - 00:00
Sun 30 Oct 19:00 - 00:00

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Organized by Maarten Baas

Maarten Baas (born 19 February 1978) is a Dutch designer.

From 1979, Baas grew up in Burgh-Haamstede and Hemmen located in the southwest and central region of the Netherlands. After graduating from high school, he began studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1996. Baas is considered to be one of the most influential Dutch designers of the beginning of the 21st century. He is often described as an “author designer,” of which his works lie on the boundaries between art and design. His work is known as rebellious, playful, intellectual, theatrical and artistic. He has gained an autonomous position in the design field, and his work varies from conceptual designs, limited editions, production design, installations, public space, architecture, interior design, theater design and performances.

His works are in major museum collections, such as the MoMa, Victoria & Albert Museum, Les Arts Decoratifs, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Die Neue Sammlung, Stedelijk Museum and Rijksmuseum. And in private collections of Brad Pitt, Kanye West, Ian Schrager and Adam Lindemann. He worked for exclusive brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Dior, Gramercy Park Hotel, Dom Ruinart and Berluti.

From 2005, Baas has collaborated with Bas den Herder as his production partner. Most of his designs are handmade in the “DHPH” studio in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

Sergio Herman

Sergio Herman (1970) inherited the love of cooking from his father, who he remembers as a passionate chef. After graduating from Ter Groene Poorte culinary school in Bruges, Sergio got his working experience at a number of Dutch top restaurants. Soon after he starts working with his father in the popular restaurant Oud Sluis in Sluis (Zeeland). There he gradually finds that he is working in a unique region. The best products, directly from the land and waters of his native region offer him so much possibilities. They become his source of inspiration. It's the flavor of these pure ingredients Sergio will bring to life and with which he lays the foundation for what will evolve into an unprecedented wow cooking.


When in 1990, Sergio takes over restaurant Oud Sluis over from his father, he immediately switches to a higher culinary gear. To do even better justice to all those fresh Zeeland delicacies, such as oysters - one of his favorite products - he searches worldwide for new seasonings and techniques. Which he finds among other things in the Japanese and Italian cuisine. Also his contacts with a number of Spanish chefs have influenced his kitchen hat becomes gradually more and more intensely layered.

Particular signature

Refreshing accents and delicate sours mark his feather-light preparations. Sergio Herman evolved into an extraordinary stylist and purist who, like no other, can give depth and subtle nervousness to a dish. Despite the exceptionally distinguished character of his kitchen, he keeps ensuring that the atmosphere in his restaurant is very informal and casual. For he wants his customers most of all come to relax and enjoy themselves. And to achieve this Sergio sees a beautifully styled, yet informal environment as essential. Since a couple of years, he also provides accommodation in a beautiful country house (Chico y Luna) on the outskirts of Sluis.

Global Recognition: 35th in world rankings

The recognition of such an extraordinary talent didn’t take long. Sergio Herman received his first Michelin star in 1995 and four years later Oud Sluis doubled its stars. Finally in 2005 follows the absolute pinnacle with a third star. In the Gault Millau guide Oud Sluis featured a few years with the exceptional score of 20 out of 20. The restaurant was also listed a number of years in The San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants. In 2013 Oud Sluis figured in that list of best restaurants worldwide at number 35. Despite this success, in June 2013 he accounced to close Oud Sluis in December 2013 after 25 years. The restaurant was getting too small and there was no room to expand. It limited Sergio, who is in a contant reach for innovation and perfection, to develope and evolve.

Pure C

Spring 2010 Sergio Herman opens at a stone's throw from his restaurant, more precise at the beach of Cadzand-Bad, a new spot. Pure C Bar & Restaurant is very accessible yet beautifully styled restaurant where dining, and drinking in a warm emotional design and atmosphere bears his signature.

The Jane

The new restaurant run by chefs Sergio Herman and Nick Bril, Herman’s former right-hand man at Oud Sluis restaurant, is located in the chapel of a former military hospital in the city. With their detailed focus on art and design, the duo are presenting a new dining experience.

Herman and Bril created The Jane in partnership with a number of artists, designers and DJs. Dutch architects Piet Boon designed the interiors and René Nijboer produced it. The custom-designed clothing for staff was the work of G-Star, the printed windows were designed by Studio Job. Other eye-catchers include an illuminated neon skull by Kendell Geers from the Walter Vanhaerents Art Collection and an 800-kilo chandelier with 150 points of light by the Lebanese lighting design company .PSLAB. The in-house food and cocktail bar, the Upper Room Bar, has a separate menu. It also serves cocktails and specialist beers, in addition to wine.

Telephone: 040 296 11 50