Two billion people are moving into cities over the next 25 years. House prices have reached unprecedented levels. We are forced to make optimal use of our vertical space. But how do we get there? Increasingly, stairs become bottlenecks with greater heights and an ageing society. Elevators are often no alternative: too complex, expensive and energy-consuming.

ROMBOUT Frieling lab creates new possibilities to move ourselves vertically between floors. VERTIWALK is a first result: By using harmonious movements and smart materials, only 10% of the effort of walking stairs is needed to bridge multiple floors. This not only provides a solution for the growing number of people who are unable to take stairs, but moreover offers new possibilities for urban architecture.

VERTIWALK is also part of the Venice Architecture Biennale this year.


Kastanjelaan 400
5616LZ Eindhoven

Map No. 27
Strijp Area

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Organized by ROMBOUT Frieling lab

The problems of today demand for creative solutions in which we make better use of our resources: Lighting powered by the wind. A patented machine to roast coffee at home. A leading and award winning social enterprise which allows African farmers to sell their best coffee directly to consumers, without intervention of large multinationals. Vertical walking through our verticalising cities.

In my lab we attempt to develop aesthetic solutions that utilize potential in an innovative manner. As designer, engineer and entrepreneur I do not feel constrained by disciplines: politics and art, engineering and business go hand in hand, with only one goal: to make the world and our human needs fit better together.

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