Inspiring event about packaging, innovation & design.

SUPERFAST is an annual event in the field of design, innovation and packaging. With a series of short but stimulating presentations by speakers with ‘authority’ in these domains, SUPERFAST aims to inspire and inform the general public. SUPERFAST #3 will again be held in Natlab Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week, on 28 October 2016.

SUPERFAST is organised by VNV (packaging experts) and BNO NEXTpack (brand & packaging design agencies)

The theme of SUPERFAST#3 is 'ON/OFF The Hidden Pack'. How do online and offline relate in the year 2016, and how does the trend from offline to online affect brand identity and packaging? What are some of the resounding successes, and what are dismal failures? Clicks are gaining ground, but businesses are also starting to reconsider bricks. What does the future hold in store, and how can the industry prepare for this future?

Attendees include marketing agents, packaging experts, product developers, designers and design agencies, and students. It is exciting to bring together these various disciplines, which usually operate alongside each other, and to engage in a dialogue on how we can build new connections and relations through packaging. Some 200 professionals and students are expected to attend.

Attendees are free to determine their own admission fee (minimum of 5 euros). BNO-VNV members and invited guests have priority.


Kastanjelaan 500
5616LZ Eindhoven

Strijp Area

Accessible for disabled, Toilets, WiFi

Opening hours

Fri 28 Oct 09:30 - 15:00

Organized by BNO Next Pack en VNV (verpakkingskundigen)

VNV: The 'Vereniging Nederlandse Verpakkingskundigen' (VNV), translated as 'Dutch Association of Packaging Professionals', is an community of experts. An integrated, cross-functional value chain approach to packaging functionality is our shared competence.

NEXTpack: BNO NEXTpack is a community of brand and packaging design studio's within the Association of Dutch Designers: Anthem, Brand Candies, Brum Design, Bataafsche Teeken Maatschappij, dBOD, Design Bridge, DreamCatch, FLEX/design, Millford, OD, PROUDdesign, Reggs, SOGOOD, VBAT, BooM Creatives en WAACS.

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