The exhibition ‘Chronic Health: Designing a Healthy Future’ (digital catalogue) shows what role design can play in the future of our health. Find a wide range of examples on display: from ‘open’ design and Do-It-Together applications to high-end medical technologies and creative prototypes. Chronic Health illustrates how design enables us to adapt to illness and limitations, manage them ourselves, take control and try to lead the life we want.

Health is high on everyone’s wish list, and we live longer. Technological developments increasingly allow us to manage our own illness and health. But healthcare innovation is not based on technology alone. Empathy, the ability to understand an experience through the eyes of another, is an integral aspect of the design and development of meaningful healthcare solutions.

Our western healthcare system is shifting from healthcare agencies, hospitals and labs to self-monitoring and diagnosis at home. Do-It-Yourself trends lead to tension between open source applications in healthcare, patents and existing economic models. How far do we take the development and design of new applications? At the same time, how do we design and implement simple, easy-to-use and educative solutions for areas with limited resources? And what are the opportunities and the effects of applying design thinking and research in developing healthcare innovations and empowering people? ‘Chronic Health’ does not have all the answers, but gives an inspiring glimpse of what design could offer healthcare now and in the near future.

One of the exhibitors we would like to highlight is Frank Kolkman.
Frank Kolkman is nominated as DDA Young Designer Award 2017 . His latest work Outrospectre is an experimental proposal for a medical device aimed at reconciling people with death through simulating out-of-body experiences. In healthcare the majority of efforts and research focus on keeping people alive. The fear and experience of death is a mostly neglected topic. Recent (para) psychological research, however, suggests that the sensation of drifting outside of one’s own body using virtual reality technology could help reduce death anxiety. Outrospectre explores the possible application of these findings in hospital surroundings where it could help terminal patients accept their own mortality with more comfort. Apart from Outrospectre also 'Designs For Flies' is on display, which was awarded with a 2016 Dutch Design Award in the category ‘Service & systems’. Designs for Flies offers an entirely new approach to pharmaceutical research into rare illnesses. By showing his work OpenSurgery - a do-it-yourself surgery robot - designer Frank Kolkman wants to spark discussion around alternative care models.

Chronic Health also shows work from:

Sylvia Claes
Naomi Jansen
Tamara Hoogeweegen
Vincent Laagveld
Lorenzo, his parents, TOG & OPENDOT lab
Xander van der Arend & Jan van der Zijden
Cox Janssens
Gerjanne van Gink
Stefanie Bonte
Peter Masselink
Alissa Rees

Outrospectre is generously supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and was developed within the scope of a 3PackageDeal in collaboration with: Waag Society (Creative Care Lab), Makerversity Amsterdam & Museum Vrolik.

VanBerlo Website
Waag Society Website
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Máxima Medisch Centrum Website

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Curator: Waag Society
Exhibition design: De Projectstudio and Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters
Sponsors: VanBerlo, Waag Society, Philips, Máxima Medical Center, U Create, Waag Society’s Creative Care Lab, MakerVersity Amsterdam and Museum Vrolik

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