Carolina's work is pure, modernistic and architectural. Susanne's work is bright, tactile and feminine. Designs of both are included in collections of national and international furniture and lighting design brands. For the occasion of this exhibition the work of these two independent designers are mirrored. As such an unexpected dialogue arises between a modernist and a dreamer. Clear, graphic lines, elegancy and functionality is what connects them. For the attentive spectator the work of these designers has more similarities than one would expect at first sight.

Carolina's work is included in the collection of Spectrum, Polspotten, van Esch and Label vij5.
Susanne’s work is included in the collection of Pode, Hollands Licht and Freistil.

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Philitelaan 61
Philitelaan 61
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Sat 21 Oct 11:00 - 18:00
Sun 22 Oct 11:00 - 18:00
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Curator: Carolina Wilcke & Susanne de Graef
Exhibition design: Carolina Wilcke & Susanne de Graef
Graphic: Carolina Wilcke & Susanne de Graef
Texts: Carolina Wilcke & Susanne de Graef

Organized by Carolina Wilcke

Carolina's background as goldsmith leads to a refinement in her work. Her endless search for the perfect aesthetic proportions and honesty within the design make her design pure and clear. Her works and designs show an own identity. "My background as a goldsmith is also visible in the rest of my work, even when I design a large cabinet. Not only in the way I construct it, but also in the details.”

Susanne de Graef is a Dutch designer and owner of Studio Susanne de Graef. The studio works with a sincere predilection for textile and light. Interior product design is at the heart of the studio’s portfolio with an emphasis on furniture, lighting and accessories. The work is inspired by architectural fashion and natural phenomena such as light. Inspiration is transformed in an intuitive way into a product. Detailing and tactility play a vital role. A strong focus lies on the interaction of the material of the furniture and lighting pieces with its surroundings.

Telephone: 0610648202