The Dutch design world is a catalyst for innovation. Innovation is our economy’s engine. ABN AMRO is conscious of the importance of Dutch Design for the Dutch economy, which is the reason for being the Dutch Design Week’s main sponsor.

Exchanging knowledge and information is vital and contributes to forging durable links between the public, the companies and the designers. We therefore allow both established businesses and new talents to benefit from our contacts and industry knowledge.

Developing talent is important to ABN AMRO. We have already been supporting young, talented designers for 5 years by transferring knowledge and offering a platform. In this fifth anniversary year we therefore commissioned a major retrospective. More than 90 designers show their works and the growth they experienced in those years.


5 YEARS DRIVING DUTCH DESIGN was initiated by ABN AMRO, BNO and DDF. It is a program to set up up-and-coming talented designers in terms of entrepreneurship. By means of master classes, meet-ups and an ABN AMRO personal coach, they are being challenged to professionalise their studio within the ever-changing world of design over a period of 10 months.

The overview of 5 years DDD is divided into topics:

  • Identity as a strategy
  • Circular view, sustainabililty & craft
  • Re-shaping context
  • Design as an interactive tool
  • High-tech vs low-tech


ABN AMRO not only aims to transfer knowledge, but also literally wants to offer a platform for young designers to present themselves. The Hotspots – green and yellow show-boxes in which designers present their work – were developed in collaboration with Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe 5 years ago.

These designs are placed in chronological order from the first presentations in the 2013 Hotspots up till this Dutch Design Week. Refreshing new work of former Hotspot exhibitors is also shown.

During Dutch Design Week 2017, six Hotspots addressing the topic circular economy – an important topic for ABN AMRO - are positioned on the central reservation in front of the Klokgebouw.

As a hotspot, the central lobby of the ABN AMRO office on the Vestdijk in Eindhoven also offers a permanent platform for designers.

The wing nut of almost 1 metre high that is placed on various Hotspots represents setting in motion and connecting two or more things, which is the same as the Hotspots’ objective: connecting young, talented designers with other parties.

This exhibition has been partly made possible by:

Roland Pieters Smit: Curator Driving Dutch Design

Marsha Simon: Bureau Nederlandse Ontwerpers & coordinator Driving Dutch Design

Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe: Curator Hotspots and exhibition design

Cartoni Design: Furniture

ABN AMRO: Main sponsor

5 jaar Hotspots met 42 designers 5 jaar Hotspots met 42 designers Website
5 jaar Driving Dutch Design met 47 studio's / foto: Simone Post 5 jaar Driving Dutch Design met 47 studio's / foto: Simone Post Website

For this location you need a DDW Ticket, a DDW Ticket offers you nine days of unlimited access to all DDW locations and DDW Music (except for the Specials).

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Veem, floor 3
Torenallee 80, floor 3
5617BE Eindhoven

Map No. 15

Strijp Area


Curator: Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe en Roland Pieter Smit
Exhibition design: Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe

Organized by ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO is proud main sponsor if the Dutch Design Week and aware of the importance of design for the Dutch economy. We would like to support young, talented designers in their career development by sharing our knowledge and network during the masterclass Driving Dutch Design and giving them a stage in the Hotspots, curated by Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe.

Email: ilona.roolvink@nl.abnamro.com
Website: https://www.abnamro.com/nl/over-abnamro/sponsoring/cultuur/design/index.html