STRIPES, 2012 - ongoing

At heart, designing woven goods comes down to the design of two aspects: material and technique. Using striped “yarns” as her preferred material, Dutch designer Dienke Dekker has found her playground for creating miraculous patterns and shapes.

The stark colour contrasts of the stripe have struck a nerve with Dienke – or rather, how they could be overcome, merged into gradients or even solid uni-coloured blocks. Every piece starts with the design of the striped yarns: choosing materials like paper, plastic, cotton and wool, twisting them in varying densities and colouring them by means of painting, printing or dyeing. The appearance and feel of the yarns and their stripes then determine how they are processed. By experimenting with traditional weaving techniques and adapting them to her purposes, she turns supposed recesses in colour into the defining brushstrokes of her textile designs.

This experimentation has not only resulted in a variety of flat-woven pieces like rugs and textiles. She has also created extensive sculptures by applying three-dimensional weaving methods to hand-painted paper strips. By taming repetitive contrast in harmonious shapes, Dienke’s work celebrates the interplay of material and technique.

STRIPES brings together the entirety of Dienke Dekker’s works on the subject for the first time, from her graduation project UNION OF STRIPED YARNS to her Dutch Invertuals-supported INTERSECT studies as well as her commercial work in collaboration with Gan-rugs and Kinnasand.


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Organized by Dienke Dekker

Dienke Dekker graduated cum laude from Design Academy Eindhoven (Man & Living Department) in 2012. She is fascinated by textiles. In both her professional and private life, Dienke immerses herself with textiles in their entirety, trying to understand, apply and reinvent a multitude of techniques and colour palettes. Dienke is currently based in Hamburg, Germany and is working as designer for Kinnasand.