This project is initiated by the bottle-up foundation. The bottle-up foundation is located on the East African island Zanzibar. bottle-up is established in 2015 in collaboration with the Dutch Design Week and several design agencies. Together with the designers a set of beautiful accessories made of waste glass bottles is created.

The amount of tourists on the island increases, together with that the amount of waste. Zanzibar cannot process or remelt the amount of glass waste littering its natural environment. For this reason bottle-up decided to up-cycle waste bottles into accessories for tourists.

However, from the monthly incoming volume of more than 15.000 kg of waste glass, only 200 kg is currently used for (candle)lights and terrazzo products. For the other 14.800 kg this project was created.

A practical application is developed to process waste bottles into cullet to use as aggregate replacement in building bricks for local usage.

This project wouldn't exist without the expertise and knowledge gained from professors and scientific literature found on this topic.

With the right material composition for the Zanzibar context the bottle | brick was born.

A brick that contains 35% of waste glass (6.15 kg), that replaces cement, fine and coarse aggregate. This bottle | brick is twice as strong as the local brick and cost/price competitive. End of this year the first production tests will run on Zanzibar for the actual implementation of the brick.

With this project I want to motivate other designers to embrace the enormous amount of scientific research, to transform it into practical and commercial solutions for problems similar to this one.

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Photography: Lou van Reemst
Sponsors: Elisabeth & Hubert van Doorne, JC Diehl, Jos Oberdorf, Martien Bakker

Organized by bottle-up

The bottle-up foundation is established on Zanzibar to reduce the amount of waste glass littering the island. Since 2015 they have been developing several accessories made from waste bottles in collaboration with design agencies and the Dutch Design Week. I had the honour to write my master thesis for bottle-up.
I had to design a valuable solution using waste glass for the local market, to get rid of all of the waste.

My name is Lou van Reemst. On the 29th of September 2017 I graduated from Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft, with the bottle | brick project.

Filled with new knowledge I will start my career to chase my future vision: To dedicate the skills I gained in the past 7 years to become a designer to preserve our world by creating beauty. End of this year I am going back to Zanzibar to start the actual implementation of the brick.

Telephone: +31681950910