We are a collective from Central Saint Martins in London exploring how we might live in the future by blurring the boundaries between craft, science and technology. We believe in design's potential to unravel complex issues and understand their implications, and aim to deliver them to a wider audience through engaging narratives.

'The best way to predict your future is to create it' - Abraham Lincoln


ECTOSYMBIONT Because of the surprising similarities between human and plant scaffold structures, this project explores the use of plant tissue for tissue engineering and transplantation into the human body. // ANGELA MATHIS is a London based multidisciplinary designer, pushing the boundaries of materials, technology and scientific practices, to impact future designs.

INDEPENDENT LABOUR ‘Independent Labour’ explores the future scenario of privatisation of the NHS. Independent Labour creates an alternative by providing a Birth Box with all the instruments and instructions you need to fully prepare and give birth unaided at home. // ANNE VAANDRAGER considers herself as a Design Activist. Her work is based on in-depth research that focuses on social shortcomings and inequalities in society. Her interactive body of work, primarily consisting of design artifacts, is mainly inspired by low-tech and DIY culture.

THE FACE OF THE ONE This project explores the likely implications of this on our interpersonal relationships based on current dating trends. // BOLOR AMALGAN is an experimental interdisciplinary designer exploring materiality at the intersection of digital and physical, as well as natural and synthetic. She started out as a zero-waste fashion designer and later developed her practice further using speculative design narratives with the aid of programming at Central Saint Martins. Her current project explores the social sustainability of emerging biometric technologies.

PLAN B? We have the responsibility to deal with human-induced climate change. One way of doing this is reflecting sunlight back into space. Scientists see this as ‘Plan B’ when other attempts of fighting global warming have failed. // BRITT BERDEN is a designer with a keen interest in visualising concepts that forecast ideas and encourage long-term thinking. In my work I question socio-cultural, ethical and environmental issues and enjoy being the communicator between issues relating to science, anthropology and design.

THE GALACTIC EVERYDAY Humanising space needs to be addressed and given attention and research in order for humans to live well in long-term space colonisation. // CHRISTINE LEW is a multidisciplinary designer exploring materiality at the intersection of science, technology and craft. Her background in material science and fashion led her to further develop her practice at Central Saint Martins’ Material Futures Program. She is currently investigating future interplanetary living and hopes to explore Mars one day.

OPEN GARDEN The project explores how we may maximise greenspace through open source design and social engagement. // FLORIAN WEGENAST is an experimental industrial designer exploring and designing for a better relationship with our planet. His work focuses on open and sustainable design that does not just affect how we consume, but how it could affect every-day social behaviour. His hands-on work approach leads him to explore various materialities around objects and ultimately is in search for a more sustainable future.

PLASMA ROCK Plasma Rock currently has no real viable commercial value or application, despite it being completely non-toxic and the potential for it being produced on amass scale in the future. This project explores ways of utilizing this prolific future raw material. // INGE SLUIS is a conceptual and material designer who believes in the combinations of crafts, materials, technology and social questions.

FUTURE SLEEP An exploration of technology’s impact on human behaviour and health through sleep. // LENA SALEH is a Designer and Researcher focused on the symbiotic relationship between technology and health. She delves into routines of culture and societal pressures surrounding technology and user. Her background includes co-starting a skincare range, Skinvolve.

HUMIX is a collection of mechanically controlled frames that combine sensors, motors and sound generators to emulate a human sneeze when the air quality is below the safe levels as recommended by scientists and the World Health Organisation. // MONTANA FEIGER is a London-based designer who started her journey in the wonderful city of San Francisco. With a passion for materiality, places and spaces, her work revolves around environmental awareness and the future of the built environment.

ANTROPOCEAE This project aims to forecast plant evolution in a polluted, post-human and post-Anthropocene world. // PAULINE ROQUES is a French London-based material designer and researcher with a passion for our natural world and its evolution. Drawing upon these inquires and predictions her vision is to use this knowledge to create progress in materials and technologies. Her influences growing up in Toulouse on her father’s family farm and with her mother botanical/scientific insight led her to question humanities understanding of nature.

SCRAMBLE FOR THE MOON Scramble for the Moon is a speculative and critical design project that question those “ready-made” dreams created by the space mining industry. The aim is to understand what are the real motivations behind and interrogate our destructive systems of exploitation and colonisation. // MARGAUX HENDRIKSEN is a material explorer and creative designer, based in London. She investigates unknown worlds where new ideas are shaped and engage in a variety of future application. Her interest and knowledge within the fields of science, social anthropology and craftsmanship helps her to build hybrid and sensitive approaches.

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Exhibition design: Angela Mathis: angela@angela-mathis.com
Graphic: Anne Vaandrager / Margaux Hendriksen / Britt Berden / Angela Mathis

Organized by United Matters Collective / Central Saint Martins

We are a collective from Central Saint Martins in London exploring how we might live in the future by blurring the boundaries between craft, science and technology. We believe in design's potential to unravel complex issues and understand their implications, and aim to deliver them to a wider audience through engaging narratives.

Email: info@united-matters.com
Website: http://www.united-matters.com