Since twelve years Annelies Hermsen has been active as a food designer. She will celebrate this occasion with the opening of her new studio, located on the premisses of Piet Hein Eek. Here you can take a look behind the scenes; lift the lid of the development process of her most recent projects. One of these is From Billy-Goat to Bouillon, which seeks to discover the viability of the meat of the billy goat for consumption, an area where the attitude of the consumer plays an important part.

Your creative juices start to flow if you surround yourself with inspiring people. Therefore Annelies has asked two of her friends, who are also supremely creative, to join her in an exhibition.

Maarten Baptist loves to create a new look on how we eat and drink. Together Annelies & Maarten experimented with glass objects for culinary businesses.

Susette Brabander, operating under the name Crêpe Susette, works as an art director food. She will proudly present her new book Culinary Cosmetics, recipees for skin and hair, prepared with ingredients from the fruit bowl, herb garden, fridge and larder.

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Crêpe Susette (Susette Brabander) Crêpe Susette (Susette Brabander) Website
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Annelies Hermsen works mainly for company’s with a gastronomy and/or food-industry background. She approaches her projects form a creative and culinary perspective always keeping a critical eye on the clients wishes to realize a innovative and tasty final result

Telephone: 0612906249