In cooperation with materials supplier Baars & Bloemhoff the "Master of Materials" award was brought to life. For his second edition of the award, the furniture making students of the HMC woodworking college were challenged to present an innovative piece of furniture, with focus on materials and craftmanship.The six nominated works of these young student stand out in the field of unique design, the use of modern production techniques and the rate of perfectionism in detail.

Bram Schoenmakers Bram Schoenmakers
Yannick Lotulung Yannick Lotulung
Annelien Gispen Annelien Gispen
Valentijn Bouwmeester Valentijn Bouwmeester
Olivier Vrij Olivier Vrij
Daan van Weelden Daan van Weelden


Yksi Expo
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Curator: HMC mbo vakschool & Baars & Bloemhoff
Photography: Marjon Hoogervorst
Sponsors: Baars & Bloemhoff

Organized by HMC mbo vakschool

Since 1929, HMC college for wood, furniture and interior, has been the only vocational school specialized in wood trade, woodwork for the construction industry, industrial furniture production or as handicraft, as well as interior design consulting. We are based in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and offer two, three and four-year programs to approximately 2700 students, as well as programs for those already in the work force. The school is run by experienced experts who have worked in the industry for many years. This not only provides for good guidance for the curriculum, but also provides for good contacts for students to obtain positions for their practical semesters as well as a good start for their careers after they have finished their exams.

Telephone: 020 - 680 28 28