Textiles are often seen as disposable materials. This is due to the quality of it, as well as consumers’ attitude: people are more quickly bored with their clothes and lose the skills to treat and repair them well. The ‘Time Included Cloth’ fabrics tempt users to make them last longer, as beautiful changes occur through normal use. Time and wear are now embraced: ageing processes that appear by washing, surface friction and sunlight increase the value and interest of these fabric designs.

Besides the final textiles, processes of work and ageing are shown during this exhibition. ‘Time Included Cloth continues’ to inspire others to think more diverse about durability: as something positive that makes time special. Let’s lose the idea that new is the same as the best.

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Vestdijk 25-27
5611CA Eindhoven

Map No. 81

Central Area

Accessible for disabled, Toilets, Open after 18.00 hours


Curator: Envisions
Graphic: Cox Janssens
Texts: Cox Janssens
Photography: Ronald Smits
Sponsors: EE Exclusives Heeze, Grafisch Atelier Daglicht Eindhoven

Organized by Conform Cox

Conform Cox is the design studio of Cox Janssens, alumna of Design Academy Eindhoven. Cox has a wide interest and likes to be socially involved. She loves to observe human behaviour, question norms and discover paradoxes. In her work, she often uses humour and makes unexpected connections to show different points of view. She strives for relevance and lightness through in-depth research and conceptual thinking, preferably in collaboration with people that work in other disciplines. Illustrations and patterns are an important factor in execution. Cox isn’t afraid to touch upon sensitive topics, because that is how something positive can change.

Email: info@coxjanssens.nl
Website: http://www.coxjanssens.nl/