This exhibition showcases six projects which have been developed by each individual artist during their three month residency programme in the porcelain town of Arita, Japan in 2016 and 2017.

With this programme, Arita has welcomed three artists and three designers since 2016 aimed at showcasing Arita not only as a town at the forefront of the modern ceramics industry, but also as a creative hub where international creatives come and develop works only possible in Arita.

Ruta Butkute
Title : Bow Clap Bow / June - August 2016
Supported by The Mondriaan Fund

Through the project 'Bow Clap Bow' Butkute is garnering further attention for her sculpture-based installations. Using the jyunihitoe (a 12 layered type of ceremonial kimono) as her reference point, she has drawn from its traditional colours, shapes and patterns to created porcelain tiles.

Jan Broekstra
Title : Ramen Yatai Project / June - August 2016
Supported by Stimuleringsfonds

In Arita, Broekstra took inspiration from a Japanese-style yatai or food stall, creating ramen noodle bowls with a unique design on the underneath that were to be used in conjunction with a small wheeled yatai of his own design.

Henri Jacobs
Title : Arita Rococo / September - November 2016
Supported by The Mondriaan Fund

In Arita, for the first time in his career he challenged himself to draw on circular-shaped porcelain plates using the techniques and tools unique to the Arita tradition. Jacobs learned from the traditional craftsman based at the Arita College of Ceramics and created a series of edition pieces..

Studio Floris Wubben
Title : In Development / September - November 2016

Supported by Stimuleringsfonds

Having visited a clay factory in Arita, Wubben was inspired by the traditional clay-making process. He found a round stalactitic mass of dripping clay slurry which accidentally evolved on the turning wheel into flowing clay water. The vases on display are the first such prototypes made in Arita and they are still in their developmental stages...

Susan Kooi
Title : Yamatai Koku / June - August 2017
Supported by The Mondriaan Fund

Kooi continually seeks evidence of an object’s use and meaning, both in real and fictitious terms, with the resulting stories forming an actual written publication in the form of a travel guide. This alternative guide accompanies the objects made during the artist’s residency and tells the tales behind these artefacts that were either discovered or made by Kooi around Saga prefecture.

Tijmen Smeulders
Title : Jubako and Container / Table / June - August 2017
Supported by Stimuleringsfonds

During the 3-month residency, Smeulders developed a range of new works; both for standard production and limited editions for the gallery world. Focusing on the outstanding Arita porcelain, he questioned what it means to his work to be in Arita, applying the material in both conventional and less traditional ways and contexts. These prototypes have been developed in close collaboration with the potter Hataman Touen and all shapes were handmade by a master craftsman in Arita.

Highly Skilled Craftsmen in tandem with Creators

Arita is famed as the birthplace of Japanese porcelain production with a rich history dating back some 400 years. Since then, Arita has been producing high-quality porcelain as its primary industry. During the residency period, invited artists and designers work not only through ceramic production but also have the opportunity to embrace the rich history and traditional Japanese culture while working together with local craftsmen. In this environment, we expect the collaboration between highly skilled local craftsmen and the invited artists to form a conceptual approach that could create new possibilities for Arita porcelain.

Rūta Butkutė Rūta Butkutė Website
Jan Broekstra Jan Broekstra
Henri Jacobs Henri Jacobs Website
Studio Floris Wubben Studio Floris Wubben Website
Susan Kooi Susan Kooi Website
Tijmen Smeulders Tijmen Smeulders Website

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Sat 21 Oct 11:00 - 18:00
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Exhibition design: Scholten & Baijings
Sponsors: Saga Prefecture, The Mondriaan Fund, Stimuleringsfonds, The Netherlands Embassy Tokyo

Organized by Saga Prefecture

About Creative Residency in Arita / Saga

The programme was launched in June 2016 with the much-appreciated support of The Mondriaan Fund and The Creative Industries Fund of the Netherlands, initiated by Scholten & Baijings, co-creative directors of the 2016/ project. The latter fund is based on The Creative Industries Agreement established in 2013 between the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo and Saga Prefecture. The 2016/ project was also organised by Saga Prefecture and led by the two design studios, Scholten & Baijings and Teruhiro Yanagihara, with both acting as creative directors. The project’s aim was to develop a contemporary porcelain tableware brand together with 16 international designers and 10 potteries in Arita. Through this residency programme, Arita is looking to promote radical, new collaborations that offer the artist creative freedom in a stimulating and supportive setting. With these exciting developments, it is our hope that Arita’s illustrious past in the porcelain industry will continual to evolve into a vibrant, creative future.

Committee members of the program

External Expert Committee Members /

Ranti Tjan (Director - European Ceramic Work Centre)
Scholten & Baijings (Designer - Netherlands)
Teruhiro Yanagihara (Designer - Japan)
Takaharu Hamano (Design Director - Japan)

Project Committee Members /

Gen Harada (Representative Director - Saga Prefecture Ceramics Industrial Cooperative)
Fumiya Shinohara (President - Saga Prefecture Ceramics Wholesale Commercial Cooperative)
Yuhki Tanaka (Professor - Faculty of Art and Regional Design, Saga University)
Naoko Yamada (Associate Professor - Centre for Promotion of International Exchange, Saga University)
Yoshihide Washio (Manager - Commerce and Tourism Division Arita Town)
Hirohisa Fukuchi (Director - Management Support Division, Department of Industrial and Labor, Saga Prefecture)
Kazunori Washizaki (Director - International Affairs Division, Department of Regional Exchange, Saga Prefecture)
Yoriko Ishizawa (Program Director / Coordinator - Design director - Japan)

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