Plano Chair is an award winning foldable chair made from one single piece of recycled and fully recyclable sheet material. This ‘Plano’ chair is fully C2C. Durable living hinges that are made by cutting into the sheet material allow it to take its final shape. The design was inspired by origami where a uniform flat material is transformed into a complex structure. Plano uses one rectangular sandwich panel made of PP only. The woven top layer adds to the comfortable feel.


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Curator: Brandes en Meurs industrial design

Organized by Brandes en Meurs industrial design

Brandes en Meurs industrial design produces designs for clients in industry and government. We have designed a lot of power tools, and all kinds of products for public transport and public space. Since 2001 we do our public projects in our branch FromAtoB Public Design. Next to the projects for clients we also initiate our own research and development projects, mainly focused on sustainable design. The Plano Chair is a result of this.

Brandes en Meurs industrial design is located in Bunnik. In our studio we have all design facilities including a workshop for building models and prototypes.

Telephone: +31 (0)30 - 2310206