Culinary Cosmetics: a book with recipes for skin & hair. Like moisturizer and lipstick, made of ingredients from the fruit bowl, herb garden, refrigerator and pantry. Accompanied by photos of a 11 course dinner for skin & hair.


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Curator: Crêpe Susette
Exhibition design: Crêpe Susette
Graphic: Crêpe Susette
Texts: Crêpe Susette
Photography: Crêpe Susette
Film: Crêpe Susette
Sponsors: Onno Kleyn

Organized by Crêpe Susette

Crêpe Susette (Susette Brabander) grew up between weck jars, tinctures, pie crusts, asparagus beds and in the large vegetable garden of her parents in the nature reserve Leudal.
In 2002 she graduated successfully at Design Academy Eindhoven, with supermarket accessories. After nice wanderings in the forest of fashion, she is back to her roots; art director food industry. For clients Crêpe Susette develops i.a. cookbooks; research, concept, text and design. As a food nerd she believes in meaningful products and sustainable brands.

Telephone: 0031(0)6 37433171